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Capabilities approach (Social sciences)

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    • Capability approach (Social sciences)
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    • found: Work cat: 2013419635: Vázquez-Guzmán, D. Measurement of income inequality in Mexico: empirical applications and the capability approach, 2011.
    • found: Blackburn, S. Oxford dict. of philosophy, 2008, via WWW, Dec. 13, 2013:under capabilities (the capabilities approach to welfare propounded by contemporary philosophers Martha Nussbaum and Amartya Sen uses the number of basic capabilities enabled by a political and social system as a measure of the quality of life; this contrasts with using preference satisfication or simple utility as the same measure; capabilities include those of self-determination, the pursuit of friendship, education, and other human exercises of dignity) under Sen, Amartya (the capabilities approach to the measurement of social goods or value)
    • found: Castree, N. Dict. of human geography, 2013, via WWW, Dec. 13, 2013(capabilities approach: a perspective on economic development that emphasizes individuals' freedom to live the life that they choose according to their values; whereas conventional economics is centred on ideas of utility, resources, and income, the capabilities (or capability) approach addresses the obstacles to realizing 'substantive freedoms' such as the ability to participate in politics and other non-economic functionings)
    • found: Dict. of sociology (Oxford), 2009, via WWW, Dec. 13, 2013:under quality of life (an alternative 'capability approach' suggests that the quality of life each person leads corresponds to the freedom that he or she has to live one kind of life rather than another)
    • found: ERIC, Dec. 13, 2013(in titles and abstracts: capabilities approach; capability approach; titles and/or abstracts indicate that resources deal with the concept developed by Nussbaum and Sen, as applied in education)
    • found: LC database, Dec. 13, 2013(capabilities approach; capability approach)
    • found: Oxford encyc. of the modern world, 2008, via WWW, Dec. 13, 2013:under development, economic (the capabilities approach of Amartya Sen; rather than look at outcomes of policies (that is, income per capita, or growth rates), he focused on the individual's ability to pursue her own choices and be prepared to do so successfully)
    • found: Pike, J.E. Political philosophy A-Z, 2007, via WWW, Dec 13, 2013(capabilities approach: this is an approach to distributive justice which places human capabilities, rather than bundles of goods, at the centre of concern)
    • found: Princeton encyc. of the world economy, 2009, via WWW, Dec. 13, 2013:under evolution of development thinking (the capability approach developed by Amartya Sen and others)
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    • 2014-03-20: revised
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