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Air-fuel ratio

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    • A-F ratio (Combustion)
    • Fuel-air ratio
    • Ratio, A-F (Combustion)
    • Ratio, Air-fuel
    • Ratio, Fuel-air
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    • found: Work cat: Dynamics of combustion in a diesel engine under the influence of air/fuel ratio, 2000.
    • found: AMS glossary, via WWW, Jan. 7, 2014(air--fuel ratio -- The ratio of air in a fuel mixture relative to the exact amount required to convert all of a hydrocarbon fuel to water and carbon dioxide (known as a stoichiometric mixture. If the air content is higher than stoichiometric, the mixture is said to be fuel-lean; if the air content is less, the mixture is fuel-rich)
    • found: Dictionary of automotive terms, via WWW, Jan. 7, 2014(Air-fuel ratio (A/F ratio) -- The mass of air supplied to the engine divided by the mass of fuel supplied in the same period of time (i.e., ratio of air weight to fuel weight). The stochiometric, or chemically correct, air-fuel ratio s the exact ratio necessary to burn all the carbon and hydrogen in the fuel to carbon dioxide and water with no oxygen remaining. The fuel-air ratio is the reciprocal of the air-fuel ratio. The amount of air is much greater than the amount of fuel, usually between 14.7:1 and 15:1, depending on the type of fuel system)
    • found: Chambers dictionary of science and technology, 1999(air-fuel ratio -- The proportion of air to fuel in the working charge of an internal-combustion engine, or in other combustible mixtures, expressed by weight for liquid fuels and by volume for gaseous fuels)
    • found: Industrial furnaces, 2004:p. 425 (air/fuel ratio = the reciprocal of fuel/air ratio. Usually expressed as a quotient of volumes (e.g., 10 ft[superscript 3] air/1 ft[superscript 3] gas = 10, or 10:1, or 10 to 1). Air/fuel ratio should be controlled with air flow as the primary variable (i.e., with fuel following air flow to avoid producing a rich furnace atmosphere)
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    • TJ254.52
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    • 2014-01-07: new
    • 2014-03-29: revised
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