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Transgression (Ethics)

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    • found: Work cat: 2014461885: De transgresiones y transgresores, 2013:p. 7 ([cataloger's translation] this book is the result of an effort by researchers in diverse disciplines--sociology, history, architecture, literature and music; the common denominator among the texts that comprise this volume is the use each of the authors has made of the concept of transgression in order to facilitate our understanding of it)
    • found: Merriam-Webster unabridged, via WWW, Jan. 23, 2015(trangress, transitive verb: 1: to go beyond limits set or prescribed by (law or command): break, violate; 2: to pass beyond or go over (a limit or boundary): cross; intransitive verb: 1: to break or violate a command or law: trespass, sin; 2: to go beyond a boundary or limit; transgression, noun: an act, process, or instance of transgressing: such as (a): the infringement or violation of a law, command, or duty: sin, trespass; (b1): unconformity 3a [there is no such definition number under unconformity]; (2): the spread of the sea over land areas and the consequent unconformable deposition of sediments on older rocks)
    • found: OED, via WWW, Jan. 23, 2015(transgress, v.: 1.a. trans. To go beyond the bounds or limits prescribed by (a law, command, etc.); to break, violate, infringe, contravene, trespass against; b. absol., or intr. (const. against): To break a law or command; to trespass, offend, sin; c. trans. To offend against (a person); to disobey. Obs. rare; 2.a. trans. (a) To go or pass beyond (any limit or bounds); (b) spec. in Geol. Of the sea: to spread over (the land); b. intr. (a) To go beyond limits; to trespass (on); (b) To digress. Obs.; transgression, n.: 1.a. The action of transgressing or passing beyond the bounds of legality or right; a violation of law, duty, or command; disobedience, trespass, sin; b. The action of passing over or beyond. (Only as the etymological sense of the word.); 2. Geol. The spread of the sea over the land, as evidenced by the deposition of unconformable marine sediments)
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    • BJ1500.T73
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    • 2015-01-23: new
    • 2015-04-02: revised
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