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Turkish provinces

  • Here are entered works discussing collectively all of the provinces of Turkey individually or comparatively.

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  • Variants

    • Eyaletler of Turkey
    • Eyalets of Turkey
    • Governorates of Turkey
    • İller
    • Provinces of Turkey
    • Turkey--Provinces
    • Turkish eyaletler
    • Turkish eyalets
    • Turkish governates
    • Turkish vilayetler
    • Turkish vilayets
    • Vilayetler of Turkey
    • Vilayets of Turkey
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Edebiyatın taşradan manifestosu, 2015.
    • found: Wikipedia, Mar. 4, 2015:Provinces of Turkey (Turkey is divided into 81 provinces (Turkish: il / vilayet). Each province is divided into a number of different districts (ilçe). A province is administered by an appointed governor (vali) from the ministry of interior). Vilayet (The Vilayets of the Ottoman Empire were the first-order administrative division, or provinces, of the later empire, introduced with the promulgation of the Vilayet Law (Turkish: Teşkil-i Vilayet Nizamnamesi) of 21 January 1867. The reform was part of the ongoing administrative reforms that were being enacted throughout the empire, and enshrined in the Imperial Edict of 1856. The Ottoman Empire had already begun to modernize its administration and regularize its provinces (eyalets) in the 1840s, but the Vilayet Law extended this to the entire Ottoman territory, with a regularized hierarchy of administrative units: the vilayet, headed by a vali, was subdivided into sub-provinces (sanjak) under a mütesarrif, further into districts (kaza or liva) under a kaimakam, and into communes (nahiye) under a müdir)
    • found: Vikipedi [Turkish Wikipedia), Mar. 4, 2015:Türkiye'nin illeri (İller)
    • found: Provinces of Turkey, via Statoids website, Mar. 4, 2015(Turkey is divided into 81 iller (sing. il: provinces). The provinces are divided into ilçe (districts) with limited function. The districts are subdivided into communes, or municipalities, and villages. There are widely recognized regions in Turkey (Thrace, or Turkey in Europe; Black Sea Coast; Central Anatolia, etc.), but their standing is unofficial. ... In 1900, the Ottoman Empire was divided into vilayets (governorates), which were subdivided into sanjaks (provinces). The sanjaks were similar in size to the modern provinces, though different in detail)
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    • Here are entered works discussing collectively all of the provinces of Turkey individually or comparatively.
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    • subdivision [Turkey--Provinces] under topics
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    • 2015-03-04: new
    • 2015-05-11: revised
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