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Sinjar Mountain (Iraq)

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    • Çiyayê Şingalê (Iraq)
    • Jabal Sinjār (Iraq)
    • Mount Sinjar (Iraq)
    • Shengal Mountain (Iraq)
    • Shingal Mountain (Iraq)
    • Şingalê Mountain (Iraq)
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Şingalî, ʻEbdulla ʻElî. Gotinêt mezinan u îdyom li Çiyayê Şingalê, 2010(on Kurdish proverbs and Yezidi folklore from Şingalê Mountain)
    • found: GEOnet names server, August 13, 2015(Jabal Sinjār (approved); Jabal (generic); جبل سنجار = Jabal Sinjār; variant: Sinjār; feature designation: ridge(s) (RDGE); Iraq, first-order admin. division: Nīnawá; 36°21ʹ20ʺN, 041°46ʹ50ʺE (36.355609, 41.780417))
    • found: Wikipedia, Aug. 13, 2015(The Sinjar Mountains (also Shingal/Shengal Mountains; Kurdish: Çiyayên Şengalê [in roman]‎) are a 100 kilometres (62 mi)-long east--west trending mountain range that rises to an elevation of 1,463 meters (4,800 ft) and above the surrounding alluvial plains, northern steppe, of Kurdistan. The highest segment, which is about 75 kilometres (47 mi) long, of these mountains lies in Nineveh Governorate, currently partly administered by the Iraqi Kurdistan. The western and lower segment of these mountains lies in Syria which is about 25 kilometres (16 mi) long and controlled by the de facto autonomous Syrian Kurdistan. The city of Shingal is just south of the range; Mount Sinjar; Sinjar mountain)
    • found: Botelho, G. Yazidis get relief, reason to cheer as Kurds take key town from ISIS, Dec. 21, 2014, via CNN website, viewed Aug. 13, 2015("The town of Sinjar became central to this drama, when Yazidi residents ran for their lives to Sinjar Mountain, just to the north.")
    • found: Mount Sinjar: Islamic State siege broken, say Kurds, via BBC News website, 19 Dec. 2014, viewed Aug. 13, 2015(Mount Sinjar, where thousands of Yazidis and other displaced Iraqis have been trapped since August)
    • found: People eating leaves to survive on Shingal Mountain, where three more die, via Rudaw website, 7/8/2014, viewed Aug. 13, 2015(Shingal Mountain, Kurdistan Region)
    • found: Shorash, S. The Shengal tragedy and the threat of genocide, in The Kurdistan tribune, Aug. 10, 2014, viewed online Aug. 13, 2015("The August 3, 2014, ISIS attack on Shengal and the surrounding area and the occupation of Shengal, which had more than 100,000 residents, was a disaster for the Yezidi people and their faith. Tens of thousands fled to the Kurdish north or the dry Shengal Mountain near the city.")
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    • 2015-10-29: revised
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