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Boar's Head and Yule Log Festival

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    • us: Boar's Head Feast
    • us: Boar's Head Festival
    • us: Yule Log Festival
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    • found: Work cat: 2015031173: The Boar's Head Festival, 2015: ECIP Introduction (" ... Boar's Head Festival [consists of] folk tales and songs that originated in medieval times and helped celebrate the winter solstice and the beginning of the New Year. Churches used the folk tales and songs to teach about Christianity, and soon they added the story of the birth of Jesus. By the 1400s, those songs and stories had become a celebration called the Boar's Head and Yule Log Festival. This ancient festival has continued to be performed to the present time.") ECIP About this book ("The stories in this book are from secular and religious traditions.... [T]he Boar's Head and Yule Log Festival [is] presented annually at University Christian Church, Fort Worth, Texas. The festival, first presented in 1975, continues to this day.")
    • found: OCLC, viewed August 11, 2015: usage (Boar's Head and Yule Log Festival, Boar's Head Festival, Boar's Head Feast)
    • found: Wikipedia, viewed August 11, 2015: article, Boar's Head Feast (the Boar's Head Feast; probably the oldest continuing festival of the Christmas season; this pageant is rooted in ancient times when the boar was sovereign of the forest; festival as we know it today originated at Queen's College, Oxford, England, based on a legendary encounter of an ambulatory Aristotle-reading student, on his way to midnight Christmas mass, with a wild boar; the student killed the boar by stuffing the metal-bound book down the animal's throat; that night the boar's head was borne in procession to the dining room; by 1607, the Boar's Head Festival as observed at St. John's College, Cambridge, England, was quite expansive with numerous personages represented; eventually the Nativity story (birth of Jesus Christ) was included; brought to Colonial North America by early British settlers and French Huguenots, numerous versions of the ceremony continue to be celebrated in England and the United States by various Christian denominations, including Episcopal, Disciples of Christ, Lutheran, Methodist, and others)
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    • 2015-10-29: revised
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