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Casino (Dance)

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    • Cuban-style salsa
    • Salsa, Cuban-style
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat: 2014480802: Borges, A. Historia del baile y la rueda de casino-salsa, 2012:t.p. ([cataloger's translation] History of the dance and the circle of casino-salsa) p. 4 of cover, etc. (the possible movements or steps that arose delimited the structure and steps of a dance as Cuban as casino, which also for others is salsa; work discusses casino both as a partner dance for couples and as a group dance performed in a circle (rueda); no mention of salsa found in the work except in title and on back cover as cited above)
    • found: SalsaGente, via WWW, Feb. 8, 2016:salsa music & dance (Cuban Casino style Salsa dancing; historically, Casino traces its origin as a partner dance from Cuban Son dancing, and its rhythmic body motions from Afro-Cuban Rumba heritage; Casino was popularized in the late 1950s as the Cuban Son received upbeat and quicker arrangements by musicians; Cuban-style salsa, also known as Casino, is popular in many places around the world, including in Europe, Latin America, North America, and even in some countries in the Middle East; Rueda de Casino takes its name from the club, 'El Casino Deportivo', where it originated)
    • found: Son y casino, via WWW, Feb. 8, 2016(in blog posting dated July 20, 2014: Chances are, if you live outside of Cuba, you were introduced to the dance of casino through a plethora of names; the instructors teaching you casino may have called it Cuban salsa or salsa cubana, casino salsa or salsa casino, salsa rueda, or Cuban-style salsa. Why? Because if they said casino, and you lived outside of Cuba, you would not associate it with a dance, much less a Cuban one (at least that's the argument that many people make). But that is the name of the dance: Casino. So why do people refer to it as "salsa"? Because "salsa" is what people know. And because the dance of salsa (L.A., N.Y styles) and the dance of casino are danced to the same music: son. Casino is not salsa for three main reasons: 1. Casino predates salsa. 2. Casino can be danced to more than "salsa" music. 3. Casino is choreographically different than salsa)
    • notfound: Oxford dictionary of dance, 2010, via WWW, Feb. 8, 2016
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    • GV1796.C18
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    • 2016-02-08: new
    • 2016-04-13: revised
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