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Damai (South Asian people)

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    • Charmarla (South Asian people)
    • Dami (South Asian people)
    • Darjee (South Asian people)
    • Darzo (South Asian people)
    • Dhamai (South Asian people)
    • Dhami (South Asian people)
    • Dhamin (South Asian people)
    • Dholi (South Asian people)
    • Dosad (South Asian people)
    • Goparia (South Asian people)
    • Gorkha (South Asian people : Damai)
    • Karigarh (South Asian people)
    • Karoria (South Asian people)
    • Kurenor (South Asian people)
    • Kurerior (South Asian people)
    • Madhukatta (South Asian people)
    • Master (South Asian people)
    • Shilpakar (South Asian people)
    • Shilpkar (South Asian people)
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    • found: Work cat.: 2014355988: Kisāna, Yāmabahādura:p. 3 (Damai falls into the category of Hill caste Dalit group. The Damai were classified below the Kami and Sarki in the caste hierarchy of Muluki Ain (Legal Code) of 1854, and they are discriminated as untouchables even by the Kami and Sarki. However, today the Damai are ahead in education at the national level when compared to Kami and Sarki. This caste group has been marginalized not in terms of caste, socially, but also politically, economically, educationally and occupationally)
    • found: Joshua Project, WWW site viewed on June 21, 2016(A migrant community, the Darjee are sometimes known as Damai. They are non-vegetarian, and rice is their staple cereal. The Darjee women play a significant role in their economy by plucking tea-leaves in tea gardens for wages. The traditional occupation of the Darjee is tailoring. They regard the Kuldevta as their household deity and also worship Vandevta. The Darjee are traditional musicians. The Nepali Brahmin do not accept water from the Darjee, but the Sarki, Kami, etc. accept water from them, resides in Bhutan, India, Nepal; alternate names: Charmarla, Damai, Dami, Darzo, Dhamai, Dhami, Dhamin, Dholi, Dosad, Goparia, Gorkha, Karigarh, Karoria, Kurenor, Kurerior, Madhukatta, Master, Shilpakar, Shilpkar)
    • found: People groups website, viewed July 21, 2016(affinity Group: South Asian Peoples; The Damai (Nepali) of India, numbering 52,500, are No Longer Unreached. They are part of the Nepali-Pahari people cluster within the South Asian Peoples affinity bloc. Globally, this group totals 552,500 in 2 countries. Their primary language is Nepali (individual language). The primary religion practiced by the Damai (Nepali) is ethnic religion. Ethnic religion is deeply rooted in a people's ethnic identity and conversion essentially equates to cultural assimilation)
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    • DS493.9.D36
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    • 2016-06-21: new
    • 2017-10-13: revised
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