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  • Here are entered works on the dominance of financial services as the primary creator of wealth within an economy.
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    • us: Financialisation
    • us: Financialized capitalism
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    • found: Work cat: 2015482709: Democracia, financiarización y neoextraccionismo ante los desafíos de la industrialización y el mercado de trabajo, marzo de 2014:t.p. ([cataloger's translation] Democracy, financialization and neo-extractivism in the face of the challenges of industrialization and the labor market) p. 83 (in English abstract: financialization, where finances become dominant in the economy and the productive side is less of a factor)
    • found: Castree, N. Dictionary of human geography, 2013, via WWW, viewed July 13, 2016(financialization: the process whereby finance capital and financial institutions account for a greater share of all economic activity)
    • found: Downes, J. Dictionary of finance and investment terms, 2014, via WWW, viewed July 13, 2016(financialization: concept referring generally to the dominance of financial services over industry as the primary creator of wealth; whereas, traditionally, the capital markets made bank-based savings available to producers who created wealth, capital market systems became themselves the generator of profit making and wealth)
    • found: LC database, July 13, 2016(financialisation; financialization)
    • found: New Oxford American dictionary, 2015, via WWW, July 13, 2016(financialization: the process by which financial institutions, markets, etc., increase in size and influence)
    • found: Sawyer, Malcolm. What is financialization? International Journal of Political Economy; 42.4 (Winter 2013/2014): 5 via ABI/INFORM, Aug. 23, 2016Abstract (The paper seeks to distinguish between two broad perspectives on financialization. The first takes the view that financialization relates to the growth of the financial sector in its operations, power, etc. On that basis, financialization has been proceeding with ups and downs for possibly thousands of years. The specific forms financialization may have taken in the past few decades are outlined. The findings from mainstream economics literature on one aspect of financialization (growth of bank deposits, growth of stock markets) and economic growth are reviewed. The second perspective views financialization (financialized capitalism) as a stage or epoch of capitalism dating from circa 1980)
    • found: Investopedia, Aug. 23, 2016(Financialization: an increase in the size and importance of a country's financial sector relative to its overall economy. Financialization has occurred as countries have shifted away from industrial capitalism. This impacts both the macroeconomy and the microeconomy by changing how financial markets are structured and operated and by influencing corporate behavior and economic policy)
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    • Here are entered works on the dominance of financial services as the primary creator of wealth within an economy.
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    • 2016-07-13: new
    • 2016-10-18: revised
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