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Guy Fawkes masks

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    • Fawkes masks
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    • found: Work cat.: Yō̜tmālā. Lap lūang phrāng nākāk khāo, 2013?:p. 10 (the mask in the movie V for Vendetta depicts the Englishman Guy Fawkes) p. 19 (this white mask is now ubiquitous throughout Thailand) cover (the mask is a symbol of the power of the people of Thailand)
    • found: Ough, T. Anonymous: how the Guy Fawkes mask became an icon of the protest movement, via Independent website, posted 4 Nov. 2015, viewed Jan. 27, 2017(For a faceless hacking collective, Anonymous has a distinctive signature mask. Curling black eyebrows and moustachios sit on a smiling white face; styled after Guy Fawkes, one of the ringleaders of the Gunpowder Plot; worn by the revolutionary protagonist of Alan Moore's V for Vendetta comic book; commonplace at protests, especially those affiliated to Anonymous, and online, where it accompanies Anonymous projects and is the centrepiece of memorabilia stores devoted to the hacking group)
    • found: Nickelsburg, M. A brief history of the Guy Fawkes mask, via The week website, posted July 3, 2013, viewed Jan. 27, 2017(Over the past decade, dissidents across the globe have appropriated the visage of Guy Fawkes, the infamous insurgent who tried to blow up the British Parliament in 1605, warping the once-reviled fringe rebel into a widespread symbol of resistance. The iconic version of the Guy Fawkes mask owes its popularity to the graphic novel and film V for Vendetta; over the past few years the stylized mask has evolved into a global symbol of dissent, employed by everyone from shadowy computer hackers to Turkish airline workers. And although the masks are often used in anti-establishment demonstrations, one of the largest media corporations in the country gains the most from the masks' rising popularity. Time Warner owns the rights to the image, and at over 100,000 masks a year, it is by far the company's best-selling facial costume)
    • found: Kelley, M.B. Here's a factory where those iconic Guy Fawkes masks that so many protesters wear are manufactured, via Business insider website, posted Jul. 2, 2013, viewed Jan. 27, 2017(Guy Fawkes masks, immortalized in the movie "V for Vendetta", have become a global symbol of protest and anonymity through the Occupy Wall Street movement and the Arab Spring; Guy Fawkes masks, used by many demonstrators in protests around the world)
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