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Egypt--History--Fourth dynasty, ca. 2613-ca. 2494 B.C

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    • Egypt Geographic Component
    • Fourth dynasty, ca. 2613-ca. 2494 B.C Temporal Component
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    • found: Work cat.: Salvadó, Albert. The teacher of Cheops, 2017(historical novel about the Fourth Dynasty of Egypt) p. 8 (the Third Dynasty was brought to an end by Huni's death and the Fourth Dynasty began with Snefru's enthronement; Snefru reigned from 2613 to 2589 BC) p. 12 (Fourth Dynasty pharaohs: Snefru; Cheops; Djedefre; Khafre; Hordjedef; Baufre; Menkaure)
    • found: American University in Cairo Press website, web page for Pyramids of the Fourth Dynasty, [by] Farid Atiya, viewed on Dec. 12, 2017(The Fourth Dynasty (2613-2498 B.C.) was Egypt's golden age of pyramid building; kings Snefru, Cheops, and Chephren)
    • found: The ancient Egypt site, Dec. 12, 2017(4th Dynasty (2575-2465); Snofru, the first king of this dynasty; Period: Old Kingdom)
    • found: Rice, M. Who's who in ancient Egypt, 1999:pp. xlviii-xlix (Old Kingdom, 2686-2181; Fourth Dynasty, 2613-2494; all dates are BC and all before 690 are approximate)
    • found: Bierbrier, M.L. Historical dictionary of ancient Egypt, 1999:pp. 257-258 (Old Kingdom c. 2686-2181 BC; Fourth Dynasty c. 2613-2494 BC)
    • found: Shaw, I. The Princeton dictionary of ancient Egypt, 2008:p. 234 (the 4th Dynasty began with the reign of Sneferu) p. 350 (4th Dynasty 2613-2494; all dates before 690 BC are approximate)
    • found: The Oxford encyclopedia of ancient Egypt, 2001:v. 2, p. 593 (Fourth Dynasty; the family of Sneferu, its first, long-reigning king and progenitor of seven kings who reigned over nearly one and a half centuries) pp. 597-598 (the end of the fourth dynasty is obscure; Shepseskaf (r. 2523-2519 BCE), the last king attested on monuments; his successor, Queen Khentkawes; Userkaf (c. 2513-2506 BCE), the first king of the fifth dynasty)
    • found: Academic American encyclopedia, 1997:Egypt, Ancient (4th dynasty: c. 2613-2494 BC)
    • found: Britannica online, Feb. 14, 2018:Ancient Egypt (4th dynasty; c. 2575--c. 2465 BCE; first king Snefru; last known king of the dynasty was Shepseskaf; there was probably one more)
    • found: Encyclopedia Americana, 2005:Egypt, Ancient (Dynasty 4: 2614-2502 BC)
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