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Gavião do Jiparaná Indians

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  • Variants

    • Digüt Indians
    • Diguti Indians
    • Dingu Indians
    • Gavião do Rondônia Indians
    • Ikõleey Indians
    • Ikõlej Indians
    • Ikolen Indians
    • Ikólóéhj Gavião Indians
    • Ikõro Indians
  • Broader Terms

  • Sources

    • found: Work cat: Felzke, L.F. Os Ikólóéhj Gavião, 2017:title page (Ikólóéhj Gavião) page 4 of cover (about the Ikólóéhj Gavião de Rondônia and their occupation of ancestral territory of the Tupi Mondé language peoples)
    • found: Ethnologue, 2018(Gavião do Jiparaná, a language of Brazil; gvo; UF Digüt, Gavião do Rondônia, Ikolen, Ikõleey, Ikõlej, Ikõro; pop. 1,120; location: Rondônia State: Terra Indígena Igarape Lourdes; classification: Tupian, Mondé, Aruá)
    • found: The indigenous languages of South America, 2012:page 497 (Gavião (Digüt, Ikõrõ), BR-Ro; Mondé family; languages of Tupían stock)
    • found: Indígenas do Brasil website, viewed July 31, 2018(Gavião de Rondônia -- Ikolen; self-denomination: Ikolen, or Ikólóéhj; other names: Diguti, Gavião de Jiparaná, Ikõrõ, Dingu, Ikolen, Gavião; Gavião de Rondônia used to distinguish them from Gavião Parkatêjê do Pará and Gavião Pykopjê do Maranhão; name Digüt or Digut, or Diguti resulted from confusing a personal name with that of the people)
    • found: Povos indígenas no Brasil website, viewed July 31, 2018(Ikolen; often called Gavião or Gavião de Rondônia as a way of distinguishing them from other indigenous groups known as Gavião--Gavião Parkatêjê (Pará)and Gavião Pykopjê (Maranhäo); another less used designation is Digüt or Digut; Tupi language from family Mondé (Tupi-Mondé); Ikolen inhabit the region of the basin of the Lourdes stream and other tributaries of the river Machado (also known as Ji-Paraná), in the eastern part of the state of Rondônia, border with Mato Grosso; today called Terra Indígena Igarapé Lourdes)
    • notfound: Murdock world cult.
  • LC Classification

    • F2520.1.G36
  • Change Notes

    • 2018-07-31: new
    • 2018-10-04: revised
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