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    • Daʼudi Bohra Mustaʼli Tayyibis
    • Daudi Bohras
    • Dāʼūdiyya
    • Dawoodi Bohras
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Simonowitz, D. On the cutting edges of Dhu'l Fiqar, 2004:p. xi (Daʼudi Bohra Mustaʼli Tayyibis)
    • found: Institute of Ismaili Studies website, Oct. 17, 2018(Daudis: adherents of a sub-branch of the Tayyibi Ismailis)
    • found: Daftary, F. The Ismāʻīlīs, 1990:p. 304, etc. (Dāʼūdīs; Dāʼūdiyya; the sect came into being as the result of a dispute in the Ṭayyibī community over its religious leadership in the 16th century; majority of the Ṭayyibī community in India sided with Dāʼūd Burhān al-Dīn as their religious leader and hence came to be known as Dāʼūdīs)
    • found: Mullahs on the mainframe : Islam and modernity among the Daudi Bohras, 2001.
    • found: Daudi Bohras (Extract from the Oxford encyclopedia of the modern Islamic world, 1995), via website, Oct. 17, 2018(Daudi Bohras; Daudi (Dawoodi) Bohras; traces its ancestry to early conversions to Ismaili Shiism during the reign of the Fatimid caliph-imam, al-Mustansir (AS) (AH 427-487/1036-1094 AD). When schisms occurred in the Ismaili dawah (mission) in the eleventh and twelfth centuries in Egypt, the Ismailis in India followed the Fatimid Tayyibi dawah of Yemen. Subsequently, this community split a number of times to form the Jafari Bohras, Daudi Bohras, Sulaymani Bohras, Aliyah Bohras and other lesser known groups; number about a million and reside in India, Pakistan, the Middle East, East Africa (since the 18th century) and the West (since the 1950s))
    • found: Wikipedia, Oct. 17, 2018:Dawoodi Bohra (Dawoodi Bohras are a sect within the Ismā'īlī branch of Shia Islam; Dawoodi Bohras, being Ismailis and thus Jafaris, were included as Muslims in the Amman Message; subset of: Tayyibi, Musta'li, Isma'ili, Shia, Muslims)
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    • 2019-02-21: revised
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