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    • Feminist pornography
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    • found: Work cat: Mi sexualidad es una creación artística, 2011:container (postporno [post-porn] was created as a reaction to the dominant form of pornography and it's incomplete and utilitarian representation of women's sexuality; in postporno, other forms of representation of sexuality are made visible in a result where art and political activism are impossible to separate) video (postporno [post-porn]; postpornografía [post-pornography]; pornography that is political, queer, feminist, experimental, artistic; represents practices and bodies outside of the mainstream and pornographic norm; focus on the performers satisfaction and wellbeing)
    • found: The feminist porn book, 2013:page 9, etc. (feminist porn; feminist pornography; uses sexually explicit imagery to contest and complicate dominant representations of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, class, ability, age, body type, and other identity markers; it explores concepts of desire, agency, power, beauty, and pleasure; seeks to unsettle conventional definitions of sex; incorporates elements from the genres of porn for women, couples porn, and lesbian porn, as well as feminist photography, performance art, and experimental filmmaking; aims to build community, to expand liberal views on gender and sexuality, and to educate and empower performers and audiences; feminist post-porn; post-porn depicts different economies of masculinity, feminist sexuality, and queer affect within the culture and practice of feminist porn)
    • found: Wikipedia, September 10, 2018English version (feminist pornography; genre of film developed by and/or for those dedicated to gender equality; postporn became a niche term to express the transfeminist and queer praxis in feminist porn)
    • found: Feminist porn awards WWW site, September 10, 2018(feminist porn; includes the ethics of fair labor practices and working condition; expands the boundaries of representation in film (more diversity of bodies, sexes and gender expressions, desires and sexual acts); portrays performers having power in their pleasure; dedicated to gender equality and social justice; aims to expand the ideas about desire, beauty, gratification, and power through unconventional representations, aesthetics, and film making styles)
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