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Asian conical hats

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    • Asian rice hats
    • Conical hats, Asian
    • Farmer's hats (Asian conical hats)
    • Non la (Asian conical hats)
    • Rice farmers' hats (Asian conical hats)
    • Rice hats (Asian conical hats)
    • Sedge hats (Asian conical hats)
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: 2016335222: Đời nón-đời người = Life of conical hats-life of wearers.
    • found: Wikipedia WWW(Asian conical hat, commonly known as an Asian rice hat, coolie hat (in the UK), or farmer's hat, is a simple style of conical hat originating in East, South, and Southeast Asia: English terms for the hat include sedge hat, rice hat, paddy hat, bamboo hat and sometimes coolie hat)
    • found: Culture trip web site, Feb. 7, 2019(Why Do Vietnamese People Wear Conical Hats?: Non La (Vietnamese conical leaf hat); traditional symbol of Vietnam; the hat has many variations: women don a broad-rimmed version, for men, the cone is higher and the rims, smaller; different versions were made for the upper class, for children, for army troops, for religious monks, for different regions, etc.; there are over 50 types in total. Typically made from palm leaves, bark of Moc tree and bamboo; used as protection from the sun and rain, a basket for vegetables to use when shopping, or a drinking bowl)
    • found: Guydish, M. From chopsticks to Fuller brushes, Meyers students get dose of diversity in TCA Regional News (2016, Mar 04), retrieved from Proquest, Feb. 7, 2019(Victoria Kwok played off Chinese stereotypes such as the conical cap -- "also called the sedge hat, the rice hat, and my personal favorite, the Chinese sombrero," she laughed. But then, she can make fun; it's her heritage)
    • found: Etsy website, viewed Feb. 12, 2019(Asian Rice paddy hat; conical hat; coolie hat; rickshaw hat; conical rice paddy hat; rickshaw coolie hat; rice farmer's hat; etc.)
    • notfound: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
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    • 2018-11-30: new
    • 2019-03-14: revised
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