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Dānishmend dynasty, ca. 1071-1178

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    • Dānishmendid dynasty, ca. 1071-1178
    • Dânişmend dynasty, ca. 1071-1178
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    • found: Work cat.: Kesik, M. Dânişmendliler (1085-1178), 2017:p. 4 of cover (Dânişmendli principality; one of the first Turkish principalities established after the Seljuks' victory [over the Byzantines] at Manzikert; founded in central Anatolia by one of Sultan Alp Arslan's commanders, Dânişmend Gazi)
    • found: Britannica online, Dec. 12, 2018(Dānishmend dynasty, also spelled Dânişmend, also called Dānishmendid; Turkmen dynasty that ruled in the Sivas-Kayseri-Malatya-Kastamonu region of central and northeastern Anatolia from about 1071 to 1178)
    • found: The encyclopaedia of Islam, New ed., 1960(Dānishmendids; a Turcoman dynasty which reigned in northern Cappadocia from the last quarter of the 11th century to 1178)
    • found: Bosworth, C.E. The new Islamic dynasties, 1996:p. 215 (the Dānishmendids; Dânişmendliler; before 490-573/before 1097-1178; originally in north-central Anatolia, later also in eastern Anatolia; the line in Sivas ?-570/?-1175; the line in Malatya and Elbistan c. 537/c. 1142-573/1178 conquest by the Seljuqs of Rūm; Turkmen founder Dānishmend is an obscure figure who appears as a ghāzī or fighter for the faith in Anatolia, clashing in Cappadocia with the First Crusaders)
    • found: Wolper, E.S. Cities and saints, 2003:pp. 7-8 (the Dānishmendids, a Turkish Muslim dynasty that ruled in northern Cappadocia from the last quarter of the eleventh century until 1178; by the time of the first crusade, the eponymous leader of the Dānishmendids, Malik Dānishmend, had secured a territory including Sivas and Amasya. By 1142, Dānishmendid territory included two capitals: one in Sivas and one in Malatya. The Sivas branch ruled this region until they were conquered in 1178 by the other major Turkish Muslim force in the area, the Seljuks of Rūm)
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