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  • Here are entered works on long tapered rowboats with flat bottoms that are used to carry cargo.

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    • Bateaus
    • Batteaux
    • Battoes
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    • found: Work cat: Ghost fleet awakened, 2019:ECIP galley (Bateaux were utilitarian vessels operating on inland waters and protected waters of the Atlantic seaboard. The French word "bateau" became accepted in the 18th century as a term for a type of double-ended, flat-botomed, chine-built small boat commonly used on the St. Lawrence and American lakes)
    • found: The Free Dictionary, 2018:(bateau also batteau n. pl. bateaux also batteaux 1. Canada & New England A long, light, flatbottom boat with a sharply pointed bow and stern. 2. South Atlantic & Gulf States A small, light, flatbottom rowboat. a small flat-bottomed rowboat used on rivers.)
    • found: New York State Military Museum website, Dec. 19, 2018:Meany, Joseph F. Batteaux and Battoe Men (The batteau was a flat-bottom, double ended, all-purpose cargo boat ... The names, from the French "bateau" and "bateaux", were commonly rendered in English as "battoe" and "battoes")
    • found: Varsity Tutors, Archiving Early America website, Dec. 19, 2018:Early Virginia River trade (flat boats, called the James River bateau, plural bateaux, were introduced by French Canadian fur traders. The were 40-70 feet long)
    • found: Schenectady Digital History Archive, Dec. 19, 2018:History of the Mohawk Valley: Gateway to the West 1614-1925. Chapter 81: Mohawk River Navigation. (Bateaux were large flatboats that were used to carry goods, farm produce and war material. They appeared on the Mohawk River about 1725, and were generally built in Schenectady.)
    • found: The Big Row website, Dec. 19, 2018:(Mohawk River bateaux. The Mabee Farm Bateaux crew takes an annual rowing trip using 18th century replica boats.)
    • found: OED online, March 1, 2019:(bateau; also batteau; pl bateaux; A light river boat; esp. the long tapering boats with flat bottoms used by the French Canadians)
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    • VM354
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    • Here are entered works on long tapered rowboats with flat bottoms that are used to carry cargo.
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