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    • Mandaeanism
    • Mandaeans--Religion
    • Mandeanism
    • Mandeism
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    • found: Work cat.: Rudolph, K. Mandaeism, 1978:p. 1 (community of Mandaeans consists of no more than about 15000 believers; the Mandaean religion; holy scriptures are written in an East Aramaic dialect and script; "gnosticism" or "gnosis", a religious movement which flourished during the later classical, pre-Christian period; the Mandaeans are the last living representatives of this gnostic religion) p. 6 (the Mandaean faith)
    • found: Deutsch, N. The Gnostic imagination : Gnosticism, Mandaeism, and Merkabah mysticism, 1995.
    • found: Foltz, R.C. Religions of Iran, 2013:pp. 125-128 (Mandaeism; Gnosticism was not a religion per se, but rather an approach to religion, which could be expressed from within the matrices of diverse faith systems; The Mandaeans are the only surviving Gnostics in Iran, and they were likely the first; The Mandaean sacred text, called the Ginza ("The Treasure"), was apparently compiled from the community's oral tradition shortly after the Arab conquests of the seventh century, though parts of it may have been written down by the third century or even earlier; Typical of Gnostic traditions, Mandaeism sees humans as existing in a fallen state, striving to regain their true home in the heavenly "World of Light" above; Mandaeism posits that each human has a heavenly twin)
    • found: Yamauchi, E.M. Gnostic ethics and Mandaean origins, 1970:p. 1 (The Mandaean community in Iraq and Iran is the sole surviving remnant of ancient Gnosticism. As such, its religious texts are of great value) p. 6 (Mandaeanism)
    • found: Buckley, J.J. The Mandaeans, 2002:p. 3 (Mandaeism; the Mandaean religion is commonly classified with Gnosticism; Mandaeans arrive during early Christian times into Iraq and Iran; early on, the religion clearly experiences more or less hostile contacts with various forms of Christianity and becomes acquainted with Babylonian remnants, Zoroastrianism, Manichaeism, and other religions)
    • found: Merriam-Webster dictionary online, July 16, 2019(Mandaeanism: the beliefs of the Mandaeans; Mandeism: mandaeanism; Mandaean: 1. a member of a Gnostic sect that regards John the Baptist as the Messiah and that is found in regions of the lower Tigris and Euphrates. 2. a form of Aramaic found in documents written by Mandaeans)
    • found: Collins English dictionary website, July 16, 2019(Mandaean or Mandean: 1. a member of a Gnostic sect of Iraq. 2. the form of Aramaic used by this sect. 3. of or relating to this sect. Derived forms: Mandaeanism or Mandeanism)
    • found: OED online, Aug. 29, 2019:(Mandaeism: The doctrine or observance of the Mandaeans; forms: Mandaeism, Mandaism, Mandeism)
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    • BT1405
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    • 2019-07-17: new
    • 2019-10-04: revised
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