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Anzio, Battle of, Anzio, Italy, 1944

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    • Anzio Beachhead, 1944
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    • found: Work cat: Howe, George F. American signal intelligence in Northwest Africa and Western Europe, 2010:p. 90-91 (Operation Shingle, Jan. 22, 1944, executed by U.S. VI Corps under General John P. Lucas to expedite the liberation of Rome; British 1 Infantry Division and U.S. 3d Division landed at Anzio Beach)
    • found: Wikipedia, July 12, 2012:(Operation Shingle, Allied amphibious landing in the Italian Campaign, called the Battle of Anzio)
    • found: Anzio beachhead, 22 January-25 May 1944 [ER] 1990.
    • found: Britannica online, Sept. 4, 2012:Anzio (Anzio was the scene of heavy fighting late in World War II. On January 22, 1944, the Allies achieved what probably was the most complete tactical surprise of the war by landing in excess of 36,000 troops and 3,000 vehicles before midnight, securing a beachhead only 37 miles (60 km) from Rome. However, the Allied force took so long--most of a week--to consolidate its position that German Field Marshal Albert Kesselring was able to surround the beachhead, keeping its eventual force of six Allied divisions penned there while he mounted a succession of massive attacks on them during February. Only in late May, when Kesselring withdrew most of his troops, were the Allies able to break out of the beachhead (May 25); then the Allied force greatly facilitated the advance on Rome and its capture. Casualties during the four-month operation approximated 25,000 for the Allies and 30,000 for the Axis forces.)
    • found: Dictionary of battles and sieges, 2007:Anzio (The Anglo-Ameican landing on the Italian coast at Anzio.... The beachhead became besieged and suffered unnecessarily heavy casualties before th final breakout towards Rome (22 Jan.-May 1944))
    • found: Second World War WWW site, Sept. 4, 2012:(1944: January 22: Allied landings in Anzio)
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