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Nuxalk language

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  • Variants

    • Bellacoola language
    • Bilchula language
    • Nuxalkmc language
  • Broader Terms

  • Closely Matching Concepts from Other Schemes

  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Bella Coola language
  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Kolstee, A.F. Bella Coola Indian music : a study of the interaction between northwest coast Indian structures and their functional context, 1982.
    • found: Web. 3(Bellacoola)
    • found: Zisa.
    • found: Voegelin lang.
    • found: Ethnologue.
    • found: How to keep the Nuxalk language alive, via Nuxalk Nation website, Dec. 4, 2017(the Nuxalk language)
    • found: First Peoples' language map of British Columbia website, Dec. 4, 2017:languages > Nuxalk (Nuxalk is spoken by the people of the Nuxalk Nation who live primary in the Bella Coola valley on the central coast; Language Family: Salishan)
    • found: Wikipedia, Nov. 20, 2017:Nuxalk language (Nuxalk, also known as Bella Coola, is a Salishan language spoken by the Nuxalk people. Today it is spoken only in the vicinity of the Canadian town of Bella Coola, British Columbia by 17 elderly people. While the language is still sometimes called Bella Coola by linguists, the native name Nuxalk is preferred by some, notably by the Nuxalk Nation government)
    • found: American Museum of Natural History website, Nov. 21, 2017:Nuxalk (The Nuxalk people call themselves the Nuxalkmc. A century ago, anthropologists called them the Bella Coola. Language: Nuxalk)
    • found: Ethnologue, via WWW, Dec. 4, 2017(Bella Coola; a language of Canada. ISO 639-3: blc. Alternate Names: Nuxalk. Location: British Columbia province: Burke channel head, North Bentinck arm, Bella Coola river mouth. Classification: Salish)
    • found: Omniglot website, Dec. 4, 2017:Nuxalk (Nuxalk is a Salishan language spoken in Bella Coola in British Colombia in Canada; also known as Bella Coola, although Nuxalk is the preferred name, particularly for the Nuxalk Nation government)
    • found: FirstVoices website, Dec. 4, 2017:Nuxalk (the Nuxalkmc language; part of the Salishan language group)
    • found: Native languages of the Americas website, Dec. 4, 2017:Salishan languages > Bella Coola (Nuxalk Indian language (Bella Coola); Bella Coola (known to its own speakers as Nuxalk) is a Salishan language of the Northwest Coast. Two hundred native people still speak Nuxalk in British Columbia today)
    • found: The First Nations languages of British Columbia, via Yinka Déné Language Institute website, Dec. 4, 2017:Nuxalk (Bella Coola) (Nuxalk is spoken at Bella Coola, on the coast of the mainland, and in the surrounding region. It is also known as Bella Coola. Nuxalk is a Salishan language)
  • LC Classification

    • PM675
  • Change Notes

    • 1986-02-11: new
    • 2018-01-30: revised
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