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  • Variants

    • Derbyshire spar
    • Florspar
    • Fluor
    • Fluor spar
    • Fluorite
    • Murra
    • Murrha
    • Murrhina
    • Myrrha
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  • Sources

    • found: Amer. Herit. dict. of the Eng. lang., c2000(fluorite: a mineral, essentially CaF[subscript 2], that is often fluorescent in ultraviolet light and occurs in light green, blue, yellow, brown, and colorless forms. Also called fluor, fluorspar)
    • found: Academic Press dict. of sci. and tech., via WWW, July 9, 2001(fluorite: Mineralogy. CaF[subscript 2], a transparent to translucent cubic mineral occurring in many colors as cubic crystals or in granular form, having a vitreous luster, a specific gravity of 3.18, and a hardness of 4 on the Mohs scale; found in various deposits and in sedimentary rocks; calcium fluoride: Inorganic Chemistry. CaF[subscript 2], a colorless to white powder that occurs in nature as fluorite or fluorspar)
    • found: Random House Web. unabr. dict., c1997(fluorspar. Mineral. fluorite. Also, fluor spar)
    • found: Dict. of mining, mineral, and related terms, 1968(Fluorite, fluorspar, florspar; murra, murrha: the Latin term for a material first brought to Rome by Pompey & used for costly vases and cups. It has been variously supposed to be Chinese jade, porcelain, iridescent glass, fluor, etc.)
    • found: Glossary of geology, 2005(fluorite. syn.: fluorspar, fluor, Derbyshire spar)
    • found: Mineral information and data Web site, Apr. 23, 2007(Murrhina: synonym of fluorite)
    • found: Shorter Oxford Eng. dict., 1959(murra, also murrha, myrrha: a substance of which precious vases and other vessels are made. Murrhine, adj., made of or pertaining to murra; M. glass: a modern fancy name for a delicate ware brought from the East and made of fluor-spar)
    • found: Loewental, A.I. Vasa murrina in Journal of Roman studies, v. 39, 1949:p. 31 (By far the best theory is the identification with fluorspar (fluorite, fluor))
  • LC Classification

    • QE391.F6
    • TN948.F6
  • Change Notes

    • 2001-07-09: new
    • 2007-06-01: revised
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