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us: Game and game-birds

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  • Variants

    • us: Birds, Game
    • us: Fowl, Wild
    • us: Game animals
    • us: Game birds
    • us: Gamebirds
    • us: Trophy animals
    • us: Wild fowl
    • us: Wild game
    • us: Wildfowl
    • us: Wildfowls
  • Broader Terms

    • us: Animals
  • Sources

    • found: LC database, Aug. 25, 2004 (game animals; trophy animals; game birds; gamebirds; wild game; wild game; wildfowl; wild fowl; wild-fowl)
    • found: Dunster, J. Dict. of natural resource management, c1996 (game 1. Animals (mammals, birds, or fish) habitually hunted for food and/or particular products, and/or sport, including trophies. 2. Animals defined under legislation for the purposes of some form of management)
    • found: American Heritage dictionary of the English language, via WWW, Aug. 25, 2004 (game 9a. Wild animals, birds, or fish hunted for food or sport. b. The flesh of these animals, eaten as food; game bird: A bird, such as a pheasant or grouse, that is widely hunted for sport; wildfowl, pl. wildfowl or wildfowls: A wild game bird, such as a duck, goose, or quail)
    • found: Random House Web. unabr. dict., c1997 (game 11. wild animals, including birds and fishes, such as are hunted for food or taken for sport or profit. 12. the flesh of such wild animals or other game, used as food; game bird: any bird hunted chiefly for sport, as a quail or pheasant, esp. such a bird that is protected by game laws; wildfowl: a game bird, esp. a wild duck, goose, or swan)
    • found: Web. 3 (game 4b (1) animals under pursuit or taken in hunting : quarry (2) animals considered worthy of pursuit by sportsmen, esp. wild animals hunted for sport or food (3) the flesh of a game animal considered as food; game animal: an animal made legitimate quarry by state or other law; game bird: a bird made legitimate quarry for hunters by state or other law; wildfowl: game bird, esp. a game waterfowl (as a wild duck or Canada goose))
  • LC Classification

    • SK
  • Editorial Notes

    • individual game animals and birds, e.g. [Deer; Ruffed grouse]
  • Change Notes

    • 2004-08-25: new
    • 2010-06-11: revised
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