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German language

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  • Variants

    • Ashkenazic German language
    • Hochdeutsch
    • Judaeo-German language (German)
    • Judendeutsch language
    • Judeo-German language (German)
    • Jüdisch-Deutsch language
    • Jüdischdeutsch language
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  • Sources

    • found: Jewish Encyclopedia, c1916, viewed online July 22, 2010(Judaeo-German ... Before the end of the fifteenth century the Hebrew transliteration of German is sporadically met with in the responsa of the Rabbis, in glosses and exegetic treatises, and occasionally in works of profane literature. In these the language in no way differs from the current idiom of Middle High German)
    • found: WWW site, July 22, 2010:Yiddish language (From the 13th century they began to write Middle High German in Hebrew characters. This move into vernacular literacy is seen by linguists as the beginning of the development of Yiddish, though in this early phase the language is usually referred to as Judeo-German, as it is merely German with a Jewish colouring, a jargon, hardly distinct enough to be called a dialect)
    • found: Encycl. Judaica, 1972:Mendelssohn, Moses (The German text [of his Bible translation] was written, in accordance with the custom which prevailed among German Jews, in Hebrew characters, and the commentary, Biur, in Hebrew)
    • found: Weinreich, Max. History of the Yiddish language, 2008, viewed online through Google Books, 13 Aug. 2010:p. A-311 (Jechiel Fischer attempted to utilize two expressions ... as differential terms: first, there was Judendeutsch, German with a Jewish coloring, then came Jüdischdeutsch, German with Jewish traits, and later actual Yiddish)
    • found: Wexler, P., 1981, "Ashkenazic German (1760-1895)" in International Journal of the Sociology of Language 30:p. 126 fn. 2 (bibliographies designate both Y [Yiddish] and AshG [Ashkenazic German] as 'Jüdisch-Deutsch')
  • LC Classification

    • PF3001-PF5999
  • Example Notes

    • Note under [Yiddish language.]
  • Change Notes

    • 1986-02-11: new
    • 2011-04-26: revised
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