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us: Factory farms

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    • us: Animal factories
    • us: CAFOs (Farms)
    • us: Concentrated animal feeding operations
    • us: Confined animal feeding operations
    • us: Factory farming
    • us: Factory-sized livestock farms
    • us: Farm factories
    • us: Industrial livestock farms
    • us: Mega-livestock farms
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  • Earlier Established Forms

      Livestock factories
  • Sources

    • found: Taylor, A.M. Magpies, monkeys and morals, 1999: CIP data ("since the 1950s the scale and the efficiency of factory-farming in the Western world has increased enormously")
    • found: Web. 3 (factory farm: a farm managed and operated like a factory)
    • found: LC database, May 17, 1999 (livestock factories; factory farming; animal factories; factory farms. Heading Livestock factories assigned to these titles)
    • found: Factory farming WWW site, May 17, 1999 (factory farming)
    • found: F.A.R.M. Bibliography about Livestock Factories (Illinois) WWW site, May 17, 1999 (livestock factories; factory farming; mega-livestock farms; factory-sized livestock farms)
    • found: America's Animal Factories ... Introduction and Executive Summary WWW site, May 17, 1999 (animal factories; industrial livestock farms; factory farms)
    • found: Large-scale livestock and poultry animal confinement facilities WWW site, May 17, 1999 (farm factories; animal factories)
    • found: National Trust for Historic Preservation website, Sept. 12, 2007 (article: Factory farms and America's rural heritage: factory farms, also known as concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs); factory farms use industrial production techniques to raise thousands of animals in one location; typical factory farm consists of several large metal buildings and adjacent sewage lagoons)
    • found: National Resources Defense Council website, Sept. 12, 2007 (article: America's animal factories: in the past twenty years, industrial livestock farms have been replacing traditional family-sized farms that once raised most U.S. poultry, swine and cattle; typical hog factory farm has several metal barns, each containing several hundred to several thousand animals tightly confined cheek by jowl)
    • found: Wikipedia, Jan. 22, 2008 (Feedlot: a feedlot or feedyard is a type of Confined Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) (also known as "factory farming") which is used for finishing livestock, notably beef cattle, prior to slaughter)
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    • 1986-02-11: new
    • 2008-05-31: revised
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