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Denali, Mount (Alaska)

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  • Variants

    • Bolshoy Mountain (Alaska)
    • Bulshaia Gora (Alaska)
    • Bulshaya Gora (Alaska)
    • Bulshoe (Alaska)
    • Churchill Peaks (Alaska)
    • Deenaalee Mountain (Alaska)
    • Deenadhee (Alaska)
    • Deenadheet (Alaska)
    • Deenalee (Alaska)
    • Deghilaay Ce'e (Alaska)
    • Deghilaay Ke'e (Alaska)
    • Delaykah (Alaska)
    • Denadhe (Alaska)
    • Denagadh (Alaska)
    • Denaze (Alaska)
    • Dengadh (Alaska)
    • Dengadhe (Alaska)
    • Dengadhi (Alaska)
    • Dengadhiy (Alaska)
    • Densmore's Mountain (Alaska)
    • Densmores Peak (Alaska)
    • Dghelaay Ce'e (Alaska)
    • Dghelaay Ke'e (Alaska)
    • Dghelay Ka'a (Alaska)
    • Dghili Ka'a (Alaska)
    • Diinaadhi (Alaska)
    • Diinaadhii (Alaska)
    • Diinaadhiit (Alaska)
    • Diinaalii (Alaska)
    • Diinaazii (Alaska)
    • Diineezi (Alaska)
    • Din-al-ee (Alaska : Mount Denali)
    • Din-az-ee (Alaska : Mount Denali)
    • Doleika (Alaska)
    • Doleyka (Alaska)
    • Mount Denali (Alaska)
    • Mount Doleika (Alaska)
    • Mount McKinley (Alaska)
    • North Peak (Alaska : Mount Denali)
    • South Peak (Alaska : Mount Denali)
    • Tenada (Alaska)
    • Tenda (Alaska)
    • Tennaly (Alaska)
    • To-lah-gah (Alaska)
    • Traleika (Alaska : Mount Denali)
    • Traleyka (Alaska)
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  • Earlier Established Forms

    • McKinley, Mount (Alaska)
  • Sources

    • found: GeoNames [algorithmically matched]summit; 63°04ʹ10ʺN 151°00ʹ27ʺW
    • found: GNIS, Aug. 31, 2015:(Denali; summit in Denali County, Alaska; variant names: Bolshoy; Bulshaia Gora; Bulshaya Gora; Bulshoe; Churchill Peaks; Deenaalee; Deenadhee; Deenadheet; Deenalee; Deghilaay Ce'e; Deghilaay Ke'e; Delaykah; Denadhe; Denagadh; Denaze; Dengadh; Dengadhe; Dengadhi; Dengadhiy; Densmore's Mountain; Densmores Peak; Dghelaay Ce'e; Dghelaay Ke'e; Dghelay Ka'a; Dghili Ka'a; Diinaadhi; Diinaadhii; Diinaadhiit; Diinaalii; Diinaazii; Diineezi; Din-al-ee; Din-az-ee; Doleika; Doleyka; Mount Denali; Mount Doleika; Mount McKinley; North Peak; North Peak Mount McKinley; South Peak; South Peak Mount McKinley; Tenada; Tenda; Tennaly; To-lah-gah; Traleika; Traleyka; Denali also name of ppl and several other jurisdictions in Alaska; Bolshoy also name of several islands; Deenaalee also name of lake; Din-al-ee and Din-az-ee also variant names for Mount Foraker in Denali County; Traleika also name of summit in "Alaska Range near Mount McKinley" [no county listed]; North Peak and South Peak also names for other summits in other counties in Alaska)
    • found: Washington Post online, Aug. 31, 2015:(article: Obama will rename the highest U.S. peak, dropping McKinley for Denali; President Obama in Anchorage on Monday will announce the renaming of Mount McKinley, honoring the 25th president, to Mount Denali, an Athabascan name used by generations of Alaska Natives that means "the great one.")
    • found: Columbia gazetteer online, Aug. 31, 2015:(McKinley, Mount or Denali (=the great one), mountain (20,320 ft/6,194 m), S central Alaska, in the Alaska Range; 63°04ʹN 151°00ʹW. Highest point in North America. McKinley features two main peaks: the higher is South Peak (20,320 ft/6,194 m) and North Peak (19,470 ft/5,934 m); the two together have sometimes been known as the Churchhill Peaks. Other notable peaks on the mountain are South Buttress (15,885 ft/4,842 m), East Buttress (14,730 ft/4,490 m), and Browne Tower (14,530 ft/4,429m). Permanent snowfields cover more than half the mountain and feed numerous glaciers. Mount McKinley was first scaled successfully by the American explorer Hudson Stuck in 1913. It is included in Denali National Park and Preserve.)
  • Change Notes

    • 1986-02-11: new
    • 2015-10-29: revised
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