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Medical records--Data processing

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    • us: EHR systems
    • us: EHR technology
    • us: EHRs (Electronic health records)
    • us: Electronic health records
    • us: Electronic medical records
    • us: EMR systems
    • us: EMRs (Electronic medical records)
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    • found: U.S. Cong. House. Comm. on Small Business. Subcomm. on Healthcare and Technology. Not what the doctor ordered : barriers to health IT for small medical practices, 2011: p. 1 (electronic health records or EHR, EHR system; EHRs; office-based physicians) p. 7 (EHR technology)
    • found: Google, Apr. 19, 2012 (hit counts in millions: medical records data: 48, electronic health records: 26, EHR technology: 9.6, EHR systems: 8.8)
    • found: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services website, Apr. 19, 2012: menu selection: Electronic Health Records (Electronic Health Record, EHR, EHRs)
    • found: Hing, Esther. Use of electronic medical records by ambulatory care providers, 2010: p. 1 (electronic medical records, EMRs, EMR systems)
    • found: Electronic medical records vs. electronic health records, 2006, uncataloged work accessed from the HIMSS Analytics, LLC website, Sept. 5, 2012: p. 2 (Many people in the U.S. healthcare industry, our government, and the press use the terms electronic medical record (EMR) and electronic health record (EHR) interchangeably ... The EMR is the legal record created in hospitals and ambulatory environments that is the source of data for the EHR. The EHR represents the ability to easily share medical information among stakeholders and to have a patient's information follow him or her through the various modalities of care engaged by that individual)
    • found: Physician adoption of electronic health record systems, 2012: p. 6 (Does this practice use electronic medical records or electronic health records?)
    • found: National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (NAMCS): Electronic Medical Records Supplement 2011, accessed from the National Center for Health Statistics website, Sept. 5, 2012: p. 1 (National Study of Electronic Medical Records/Electronic Health Records (EMRs/EHRs)) question 17b (What is the name of your current EMR/EHR system?)
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    • 1986-02-11: new
    • 2012-12-07: revised
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