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us: Natural areas

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  • Variants

    • us: Area preserves, Natural
    • us: Conservation land
    • us: Conservation lands
    • us: Land, Conservation
    • us: Landmarks, Natural
    • us: Lands, Conservation
    • us: Natural area preserves
    • us: Natural history reservations
    • us: Natural landmarks
    • us: Nature conservation areas
    • us: Nature conservation lands
    • us: Nature preserves
    • us: Nature reserves
    • us: Preserves, Natural area
    • us: Preserves, Nature
    • us: Protected natural areas
    • us: Protected natural regions
    • us: Protected natural sites
    • us: Reservations, Natural history
    • us: Reserves, Nature
  • Broader Terms

    • us: Natural resources conservation areas
    • us: Protected areas
  • Related Terms

    • us: National parks and reserves
    • us: Nature conservation
    • us: World Heritage areas
  • Sources

    • found: Protecting Canada's endangered spaces, c1995: p. xiii (protected areas)
    • found: Protected areas of the world, c1991-c1992.
    • found: LC database, Jan. 21, 1999 (Protected natural sites; New Zealand Protected Natural Areas Programme; protected natural areas; Nature preserves; Protected natural territories; protected natural regions)
    • found: Syrett, P. Biological control of weeds on conservation land, c2002: p. 6 ("If nothing is done to curb them, invasive weeds will threaten more than 580 000 ha of natural areas in 10-15 years ...")
    • found: LC database, Dec. 31, 2003 (conservation lands; nature conservation lands; conservation land; park and conservation land; nature conservation areas)
    • found: Carmen, W.J. Noncooperative breeding in the California scrub-jay, c2004: t.p. (Hastings Natural History Reservation) p. 5 ("The Reservation has a Mediterranean climate ...")
    • found: Chopaka Natural Area Preserve management plan, 2005: pref. ("In 1990, the Department of Natural Resources established the Chopaka Natural Area Preserve (NAP), adding it to the statewide system on natural areas.")
    • found: Geology of Orange County, California, and the Irvine Ranch National Natural Landmark, c2008.
    • found: The Irvine Ranch National Natural Landmark, via the Irvine Company website, Mar. 4, 2009: p. 2 (National Natural Landmark (NNL); "NNLs are designated by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior for natural areas in both public and private ownership. They are recognized as outstanding examples of the natural heritage of the country, alongside national parks, recreation areas and monuments.")
    • found: National Natural Landmarks Program website, Mar. 4, 2009 (National Natural Landmarks Program recognizes and encourages the conservation of outstanding examples of our country's natural history. It is the only natural areas program of national scope that identifies and recognizes the best examples of biological and geological features in both public and private ownership. National Natural Landmarks (NNLs) are designated by the Secretary of the Interior, with the owner's concurrence)
  • LC Classification

    • QH75-QH77
  • Change Notes

    • 2005-05-19: new
    • 2009-04-01: revised
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