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Operation Hardtack, 1958

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    • Hardtack, Operation, 1958
    • Hardtack I, Operation, 1958
    • Hardtack II, Operation, Nev., 1958
    • Hardtack Phase I, Operation, 1958
    • Hardtack Phase II, Operation, Nev., 1958
    • Operation Hardtack I, 1958
    • Operation Hardtack II, Nev., 1958
    • Operation Hardtack Phase I, 1958
    • Operation Hardtack Phase II, Nev., 1958
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    • found: Operation HARDTACK I, 1958, 1982:p. 1 (HARDTACK was the designation given to the atmospheric nuclear weapon tests conducted by the United States in the Pacific ocean and in Nevada in 1958. Operation HARDTACK I was a series of 35 tests. All but two of which were detonated at Enewetak and Bikini atolls in the Marshall Islands, the Atomic Energy Commission's (ARC) "Eniwetok Proving Ground" (EPG). The other two were detonations at 42 and 76 km above Johnston Island, which lies about 700 nmi (1,296 km) west-southwest of the Hawaiian Islands; land- and water-surface events, underwater detonations, and balloon- and rocket-borne high-altitude tests were conducted)
    • found: Operation HARDTACK II, 1958, 1982:p. 1 (Operation HARDTACK II was a series of nuclear weapons tests conducted at the Nevada Test Site (NTS) from 12 September through 30 October 1958. The operation consisted of 19 nuclear weapons tests and 18 safety experiments; HARDTACK II was the continental phase of Operation HARDTACK. It followed Operation HARDTACK I, the nuclear test series conducted in the Pacific Ocean from April to August 1958) p. 4 (There were ten balloon, four underground, and five tower detonations)
    • found: Blades, D.M. A history of U.S. nuclear testing and its influence on nuclear thought, 1945-1963, 2014:p. 71 (Operation HARDTACK Phase I, or HARDTACK I, was the final text series held at Bikini and Eniwetok atolls in the Pacific, and it involved thirty-four nuclear shots held between April and August 1958; also included three shots of Operation NEWSREEL, a high-altitude weapons effect series) pp. 77-78 (Operation HARDTACK Phase II began six days after ARGUS III; HARDTACK II; fired at Nevada, rather than in the Pacific alongside the other shots of HARDTACK I)
    • found: Wikipedia, Oct. 15, 2018(Operation Hardtack can refer to: Operation Hardtack (commando raid), a Second World War British commando raid; Operation Hardtack I, a series of nuclear weapon test carried out in the Pacific during 1958; Operation Hardtack II, a series of nuclear weapon tests carried out at the Nevada Test Site during 1958)
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