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Bouyei (Chinese people)

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  • Variants

    • Bo-i (Chinese people)
    • Bố Y (Chinese people)
    • Bui (Chinese people)
    • Buman (Chinese people)
    • Buyayi (Chinese people)
    • Buyei (Chinese people)
    • Buyi (Chinese people)
    • Buyui (Chinese people)
    • Buzhong (Chinese people)
    • Chongjia (Chinese people)
    • Chʻung chia (Chinese people)
    • Chủng chá (Chinese people)
    • Chungchia (Chinese people)
    • Dioi (Chinese people)
    • Kuei (Chinese people)
    • Kui (Chinese people)
    • Po-ai (Chinese people)
    • Pố Dí (Chinese people)
    • Pủ Dí (Chinese people)
    • Pu-i (Chinese people)
    • Pu-i (Tribe)
    • Pu-ji (Chinese people)
    • Pu-jui (Chinese people)
    • Pu Y (Chinese people)
    • Pu-yi (Chinese people)
    • Pui (Chinese people)
    • Pujai (Chinese people)
    • Puyi (Chinese people)
    • Puyoi (Chinese people)
    • Quinjiang (Chinese people)
    • Shuihu (Chinese people)
    • Trọng gia (Chinese people)
    • Trung gia (Chinese people)
    • Tu Dí (Chinese people)
    • Tu Dìu (Chinese people)
    • Tu Dín (Chinese people)
    • Tu Dính (Chinese people)
    • Zhongjia (Chinese people)
  • Broader Terms

  • Closely Matching Concepts from Other Schemes

  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Buyi (Chinese people)
    • Pu-i (Chinese people)
    • Pu-i (Tribe)
  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Pu-i tsu chien shih, 1984.
    • found: Britannica Macro.(Puyi (Chung-chia))
    • found: Ethnologue(Bouyei (Buyi, Bui, Bo-i, Buyei, Buyui, Puyi, Pui, Pu-i, Pu-jui, Pujai, Puyoi, Dioi, Zhongjia))
    • found: Encyc. world cultures:v. 6, p. 422-423 (Bouyei, 2.5 million in Guizhou Prov.; before 1949 the Bouyei were called the Chungchia (Zhongjia))
    • found: Worldmark encyc. of cultures:v. 3, p. 147-149 (Buyi)
    • found: Perkins, D. Encyc. of China(Bouyei, known also as Zhongjia)
    • found: Chung-kuo shao shu min tsu, 1981(Pu-i)
    • found: Joshua Project - Peoples by country profiles, via WWW, Dec. 11, 2006(Bouyei of China; the Puyi (also known as the Bouyei) live on the Yunnan-Guizhou plateau of China; alternate people names: Bo-i, Bui, Buman, Buyayi, Buyi, Buyui, Buzhong, Chung-Chia, Dioi, Kuei, Kui, Pu-i, Pu-Jui, Pui, Pujai, Puyi)
    • found: Antioch Missions - Chinese Church Support Ministries Web site, Dec. 11, 2006:about nationalities/others/Bouyei (The Bouyei are the tenth largest of China's minorities, numbering approximately three million people. It appears that the official division between the Bouyei and Zhuang in China is defined by provincial borders. The Northern Tai speaking groups in Guangxi are labeled Zhuang, and those in Guizhou, Bouyei. Until one generation ago, the Bouyei were more commonly known as the Chungchia. Countries: China, Vietnam. Other names: Buyi, Pu-i, Po-ai, Pui, Puyi, Bo-i, Buzhong, Buman, Buyayi, Chung-chia, Zhongjia, Bui, Buyui, Pu-Jui, Pujai, Puyoi, Shuihu, Quinjiang, Dioi, Kui, Kuei)
    • found: 2015324327: Ma, Ngọc Hướng. Văn hóa cỏ̂ truyền của người Pu Y ở Hà Giang, 2013:page 18 (Pu Y people, Bố Y people)
    • found: 2016335639: Văn hóa ẩm thực của người Tu Dí, 2014:page 14 (Bố Y, Trọng gia, Trung gia, Chủng chá, Pủ Dí, Pố Dí, Tu Dí, Tu Dìu, Tu Dín, Tu Dính)
  • LC Classification

    • DS556.45.B68
    • DS731.P84
  • Change Notes

    • 2000-10-30: new
    • 2019-05-14: revised
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