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Reed warblers

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    • Acrocephalus
    • Aegocephalus
    • Bebrornis
    • Calamocichla
    • Phragamaticola
    • Warblers, Reed
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  • Sources

    • found: ITIS, viewed online 21 Dec. 2009(valid name: genus Acrocephalus, family Sylviidae; common name: reed-warblers)
    • found: Collins bird guide. 2001:p. 280 (Acrocephalus, family Sylviidae)
    • found: ITIS, Sept. 30, 2016(Acrocephalus. Taxonomic Rank: Genus. Synonym(s): Bebrornis Sharpe, 1883. Common Name(s): Reed-Warblers [English]. Family Acrocephalidae)
    • found: Avibase - the world bird database, Sept. 30, 2016(Genus Acrocephalus, Family Acrocephalidae)
    • found: BirdLife data zone, via WWW, Sept. 30, 2016(Acrocephalus. Family Sylviidae (Old World warblers))
    • found: Handbook of the birds of the world, ©1992-©2013:v. 11, pp. 492-493 (reed-warblers (Acrocephalus); family Sylviidae (Old World warblers), subfamily Acrocephalinae: reed-warblers and allies)
    • found: Wikipedia, Sept. 30, 2016:Acrocephalus (bird) (The Acrocephalus warblers are small, insectivorous passerine birds belonging to the genus Acrocephalus. Formerly in the paraphyletic Old World warbler assemblage, they are now separated as the namesake of the marsh and tree warbler family Acrocephalidae. They are sometimes called marsh warblers or reed warblers, but this invites confusion with marsh warbler and reed warbler proper, especially in North America, where it is common to use lower case for bird species)
    • found: Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, Jan. 2012:p. 320 (The avian warbler family Acrocephalidae comprises the genera Acrocephalus, Hippolais, Iduna, Calamonastides and Nesillas) Sept. 2014, p. 304 (The avian family Acrocephalidae (Reed Warblers and allies) comprises 61 species in the Palaearctic, Africa and Australasia; In a recent near complete phylogeny of the Acrocephalidae, based on nucleotide sequences of the mitochondrial cytochrome b and three nuclear genes (Fregin et al., 2009), five genera have been circumscribed: Acrocephalus, Iduna, Hippolais, Nesillas and Calamonastides)
    • found: GBIF, Oct. 24, 2016(Acrocephalus; accepted genus; common name - Reed-warbler; synonyms - Aegocephalus, Calamocichla, Phragamaticola)
  • LC Classification

    • QL696.P2133
  • Change Notes

    • 1986-02-11: new
    • 2016-12-13: revised
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