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Thai-Indochinese Conflict, 1940-1941

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    • Franco-Thai War, 1940-1941
    • Thailand-Indochina Conflict, 1940-1941
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    • found: Wikipedia, Jan. 26, 2017(Franco-Thai War (French: Guerre franco-tha├»landaise) (1940-1941); fought between Thailand (Siam) and France over certain areas of French Indochina; dates: October 1940--May 9, 1941; border skirmishes erupted along the Mekong frontier; Royal Thai Air Force then conducted daytime bombing runs over military targets in Vientiane, Phnom Penh, Sisophon, and Battambang; French retaliated with their own air attacks; on 5 January 1941, following the report of a French attack on the Thai border town of Aranyaprathet, the Thai Burapha and Isan Armies launched an offensive on Laos and Cambodia; Thai army swiftly overran Laos, but the French forces in Cambodia managed to rally and offer more resistance; on 16 January 1941 the French launched a large counterattack on the Thai-held villages of Yang Dang Khum and Phum Preav, initiating the fiercest battle of the war; battle of Ko Chang was a victory for the French and resulted in the sinking of two Thai torpedo boats and the disabling of a coastal defence ship, with the French suffering only minor casualties. Fearing the war would turn in France's favour, the Japanese intervened, proposing an armistice be signed. On 24 January, the final air battle took place when Thai bombers raided the French airfield at Angkor, near Siem Reap. The last Thai mission bombing Phnom Penh commenced at 07:10 on 28 January, when the Martins of the 50th Bomber Squadron set out on a raid on Sisophon, escorted by thirteen Hawk 75Ns of the 60th Fighter Squadron)
    • found: Horvath, G. Thailand's war With Vichy France, via History today website, viewed Jan. 26, 2017(In late 1940 and early 1941 the Vichy French in Indochina and Thailand fought a short, bitter and now forgotten war. The conflict, over Thai claims to territories annexed by France, has been noteworthy to military historians solely because of a surprising French naval victory; Vichy success against Thailand was a severe embarrassment to the Japanese, who swiftly nullified the effect of the French triumph at the conference table, forcing France to cede substantial portions of Indochina to the aggrieved Thais; outbreak of fighting between Thailand and Vichy France in October 1940 was not so much an eruption of violence as a damp squib, with repeated small border incidents; The first serious incident in the war took place on November 23rd and 24th, when the Thais tried to throw a bridge across the river Cam-tung, preparatory to an attack on Poipet in Cambodia. This was resisted by local troops under French command. Three weeks later, on December 15th, three Thai aircraft bombed Cheanokhsan, which was swiftly followed by the French reprisal bombing of Ouboune. The Thais then turned north and sent aircraft to bomb Saravane in Laos prompting French aircraft to ripost with strikes on Lakhon, Monk and Koumarat; Franco-Thai war)
    • found: Franco-Thai War of 1940-1941: Vichy France's proxy war in Southeastern Asia, via Warfare history blog, viewed Jan. 26, 2017(Vichy France's "small war" with Thailand in 1940-1941; the Franco-Thai War of 1940-1941 the Vichy French military forces were decisively defeated in every battle or action they fought during the greater land campaign of the conflict. Through the overwhelming combined arms (infantry, mechanized, aerial) assaults of the Royal Thai military, Thailand (Siam) won a total victory. The initial Thai offensive began in January 1941 with a large combined arms assault against French colonial positions in Laos and Cambodia; the Vichy French scored a small but nevertheless significant victory over the Royal Thai Navy at the Battle of Koh Chang, 16-17 January 1941)
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