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Galilee, Sea of

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  • Variants

    • Bahr Tabariyeh (Israel)
    • Bahr Tubaria (Israel)
    • Bahr Tubariya (Israel)
    • Buḩayrat Ţabarīyā (Israel)
    • Chinnereth, Sea of (Israel)
    • Chinneroth, Sea of (Israel)
    • Cinnereth, Sea of (Israel)
    • Gennesaret, Lake of (Israel)
    • Kineret, Yam (Israel)
    • Kinneret, Lake (Israel)
    • Kinnereth Lake (Israel)
    • Lake Kinneret (Israel)
    • Lake of Gennesaret (Israel)
    • Lake of Tiberias (Israel)
    • Lake Tiberias (Israel)
    • Sea of Chinnereth (Israel)
    • Sea of Chinneroth (Israel)
    • Sea of Cinnereth (Israel)
    • Sea of Galilee (Israel)
    • Sea of Kinneret (Israel)
    • Sea of Kinnereth (Israel)
    • Sea of Tiberias (Israel)
    • Ţabarīyā, Buḩayrat (Israel)
    • Tabariyeh, Bahr (Israel)
    • Tiberias, Lake (Israel)
    • Tiberias, Sea of (Israel)
    • Tubaria, Bahr (Israel)
    • Tubariya, Bahr (Israel)
    • Yam Kineret (Israel)
    • Yam Kinneret (Israel)
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    • Tiberias, Lake (Israel)
  • Sources

    • found: Lake Kinneret, 1978:p. 1 (Lake Kinneret (Lake of Tiberias, Sea of Galilee))
    • found: Web. geog.(Tiberias, Lake or Tiberias, Sea of: see Galilee, Sea of; Galilee, Sea of: usu. name in Gospels for mod. Lake Tiberias or Arab. Buḩayrat Ţabarīyā; in Bible also called Sea of Chinnereth or Lake of Gennesaret or Sea of Tiberias. Freshwater lake, N Israel; 13 mi. (21 km.) long, 7 mi. (11 km.) wide; ab. 700 ft. (212 m.) below sea level)
    • found: Columbia gaz. of the world, c1998(Tiberias, Lake, Israel: see Galilee, Sea of; Galilee, Sea of, lake, NE Israel. In the O.T. the Sea of Galilee was called the Sea of Cinnereth (formerly Chinnereth) or Chinneroth. In the N.T. it is named variously from nearby geographic features--Galilee, Gennesaret, or Tiberias. Sometimes called L. Kinneret or L. Tiberias)
    • found: GEOnet, May 15, 2001(conventional name: Tiberias, Lake; native: Kinneret, Yam; variants: Tubariya, Bahr; Tubaria, Bahr; Tiberias, Sea of; Tiberias, Lake; Tibériade, Lac de; Tabariyeh, Bahr; Ţabarīyā, Buḩayrat; Kinnereth, Sea of; Gennésareth, Lac de; Gennesaret, Lake of; Galilee, Sea of)
    • found: GeoNames [algorithmically matched]lake; 32°48ʹ00ʺN 035°35ʹ00ʺE
    • found: Geonet, Sept. 17, 2019:(Sea of Galilee [conventional name]; lake in Israel; Yam Kinneret [approved name]; variant names: Bahr Tabariyeh; Bahr Tubaria; Bahr Tubariya; Buḩayrat Ţabarīyā; Lac de Gennésareth; Lac de Tibériade; Lake of Gennesaret; Lake Tiberias; Sea of kinnereth; Sea of Tiberias)
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    • 2001-05-15: new
    • 2019-12-20: revised
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