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Tukulor (African people)

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  • Variants

    • Futanke (African people)
    • Futankobe (African people)
    • Futankoobe (African people)
    • Haal Pulaaren (African people)
    • Haalpulaar (African people)
    • Hal-Pularen (African people)
    • Halpulaar (African people)
    • Pulaar (African people)
    • Takarir (African people)
    • Tekarir (African people)
    • Tekrouriens (African people)
    • Tokolor (African people)
    • Tokoror (African people)
    • Tooroobe (African people)
    • Torado (African people)
    • Torodo (African people)
    • Toucouler (African people)
    • Toucouleur (African people)
    • Toucouleurs
    • Tuculeur (African people)
    • Tukolor (African people)
    • Tukuler (African people)
    • Tukuleur (African people)
    • Turkylor (African people)
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  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Halpulaar (African people)
    • Toucouleur (African people)
    • Toucouleurs
  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: 86161046: Chavane, B. Villages de l'ancien Tekrour, 1986.
    • found: Ethnologue:p. 300 (Toucouleur (Tukolor, Pulaar, Haalpulaar, Tukulor, Tokolor) Mali, Mauritania, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Burkina Faso)
    • found: African ethonyms:p. 182 (Tukuler (Tokolor, Toucouler, Toucouleur, Hal-Pularen) Senegal, Mali, Guinea)
    • found: Murdock world cult.:p. 101 (Tukulor (Tekarir, Torado, Toucouleur))
    • found: Biebuyck, D. African ethnonyms, 1996:p. 262 (Tukulor; variants: Toucouleur, Tuculeur, Tukuleur; sedentary Fulani groups in Mauritania and Senegal)
    • found: Almanac of African peoples and nations:p. 673 (Toucouleur, also Tukulor, Tukolor, and Turkylor; speak a Fulani language called Fulfulde)
    • found: Hist. dict. of Senegal, 1994(Tukolor (Toucouleur, Tokolor); Pulaar-speakers or Fulbe who live in Futa Toro region; also known as Futanke; also called Haalpulaar'en)
    • found: Joshua project website, Apr. 30, 2007(Tukulor, Pulaar of Senegal; people cluster: Fulani/Fulbe; country: Senegal; region: West and Central Africa; religion: Islam; language: Pulaar; alternate names: Futankoobe, Pulaar, Tooroobe, Haal Pulaaren, Takarir, Toucouleur; profile text: There are approximately 1.1 million Tukulor living in the West African nations of Senegal, Gambia, Mauritania, Guinea, and Mali. Most of them are located in Senegal, where they comprise 9% of the population; the Tukulor are thought to have descended from the Fulani and the Wolof or Sereres tribes)
    • found: Britannica Micro.(Tukulor, also spelled Tukolor, or Toucouleur: a Muslim people who mainly inhabit Senegal, with smaller numbers in western Mali; their origins are complex; they seem basically akin to the Serer and Wolof peoples, and contacts with the Fulani have greatly influenced their development; they speak the Fulani language called Fulfide)
  • LC Classification

    • DT549.45.T68
  • Change Notes

    • 1986-02-11: new
    • 2007-06-07: revised
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