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us: Microirrigation

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  • Variants

    • us: Drip irrigation
    • us: Micro irrigation
    • us: Microspray irrigation
    • us: Subsurface drip irrigation
    • us: Surface drip irrigation
  • Broader Terms

    • us: Irrigation
  • Earlier Established Forms

      Trickle irrigation
  • Sources

    • found: International Microirrigation Congress (5th : 1995 : Orlando, Fla.). Microirrigation for a changing world, c1995: p. 2 (surface microirrigation (then called drip irrigation) ... surface microirrigation (drip/trickle irrigation)) p. 5 (Micro irrigation) p. 6 (microirrigation (MI))
    • found: LC database, 8/10/95 (Micro-Irrigation Systems)
    • found: FirstSearch, 8/7/95: Biol. & agr. index (microirrigation, microirrigation systems, microirrigation management, microirrigation scheduling, microirrigation hydraulics)
    • found: Burt, C. Drip and microirrigation for trees, vines, and row crops, 1994: p. 3 (drip (also caled "trickle") ... For some crops the dominant irrigation method now utilizes microsprayers which have flow rates of 10 to 20 GPH (37.8-75.6 LPH) each. In some areas of the U.S., this form of irrigation is called "micro" irrigation to distinguish it from drip emitters. This book will use the term "microirrigation" for all forms of irrigation sufficiently small hole sizes that filtration is of primary concern ... Microirrigation now has many different forms. ... chronological order of their widespread adoption on commercial installations. 1. Above-ground drip ... hose. 2. Above-ground drip tape ... 4. Microspray ... 6. Buried drip tape ... 8. Below-ground drip ... hose and emitters ...)
  • LC Classification

    • S619.T74
  • Change Notes

    • 1986-02-11: new
    • 1995-10-02: revised
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