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us: Tok Island (Korea)

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  • Variants

    • us: Dogdo Island (Korea)
    • us: Dok-do (Korea)
    • us: Dokdo (Korea)
    • us: Hornet Islands (Korea)
    • us: Kaji-do (Korea)
    • us: Kaji Island (Korea)
    • us: Kajido (Korea)
    • us: Liancourt Rocks (Korea)
    • us: Sambong-do (Korea)
    • us: Sambong Island (Korea)
    • us: Sambongdo (Korea)
    • us: Take-shima (Korea)
    • us: Takeshima (Korea)
    • us: Tok-do (Korea)
    • us: Tok Islands (Korea)
    • us: Tok-to (Korea)
    • us: Tokto (Korea)
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        Tokdo Islands (Korea)
    • Sources

      • found: Work cat.: Kim, K. Palga pŏsun sanai, 1985.
      • found: Kim, T. Tokto ui yasaenghwa. English. Wild flowers of Tokdo Island, Korea, 1996: p. 8 (Korea's Tokdo Island is 92 km. southeast of the island of Ullungdo, marking the eastern boundary of the country. Tokdo comprises two main islets, Tongdo on the east and Sŏdo on the west. Tongdo is 99.4 m. above sea level and Sŏdo, 174 m. Including a reef, Tokdo's total area is 186,173 sq. m. Tokdo is located at 37°14ʹ18ʺ north latitude and 131°52ʹ22ʺ east longitude. Tokdo comprises 34 islets, including the two most prominent, Tongdo and Sŏdo, and Pasalbawi, "Rock of the Bodhisattva." Tokdo and Ullŭngdo were both called Usan in ancient times because they both belonged to the Usan Kingdom. Tokdo has also been called Sambongdo, "Island of the Three Peaks," and Kajido, "Island of Sea Lions")
      • found: GEOnet, Mar. 2, 2005 (Liancourt Rocks ISLS 37°15ʹ00ʺN 131°52ʹ00ʺE, variants: Tok-to, Tok-do, Take Sima, Take-shima, Hornet Islands, Dogdo Islands)
      • found: AltaVista, Jan. 11, 1999: the history of Tokdo (Tok-do; Tok-do Island)
      • found: Times atlas: plate 21 (Tok-to, Take-shima, Liancourt Rocks)
      • found: GEOnet (island; 37°15ʹ00ʺN 131°52ʹ00ʺE)
      • found: Encyclopedia of Japan, May 22, 2014 (Takeshima)
      • notfound: Merriam Web. geog.Col. gaz.
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      • 2005-03-02: new
      • 2014-08-13: revised
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