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us: Brutus the Trojan (Legendary character)

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    • us: Brut (Legendary character)
    • us: Brute (Legendary character)
    • us: Brutus of Troy (Legendary character)
    • us: Bryttos, King (Legendary character)
    • us: King Bryttos (Legendary character)
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Tate, N. A critical old-spelling edition of Nahum Tate's Brutus of Alba, 1987.
    • found: Britannica Micro. (Brutus (Brute or Brut) the Trojan, reputedly the great-grandson of Aeneas (founder of the Roman people). According to legend, he was banished from Italy and made his way to Britain, where he founded the city of Troia Nova (New Troy [London]) and gave his name to the British people.)
    • found: Harvey. Oxford Companion to English Lit. (Brute or Brutus, legendary founder of the British race. Geoffrey of Monmouth states that Walter Archdeacon of Oxford gave him an ancient book in the British tongue, containing an account of the kings of Britain from Brutus to Cadwallader. This Brutus was son of Sylvius, grandson of Ascanius and great-grandson of Aeneas. Having had the misfortune to kill his father, he collected a remnant of the Trojan race and brought them to England (unhabitated at the time 'except by a few giants'), landing at Totnes ...)
    • found: Darlow, R. King Bryttos & the Trojan origins of Bronze Age Britain, 2011: t.p. (King Bryttos) p. 4 of cover (descended from Aeneas of Troy; most commonly known as Brutus)
    • found: Wikipedia, Apr. 16, 2012 (Brutus of Troy: Brutus or Brute of Troy is a legendary descendant of the Trojan hero Aeneas, known in medieval British legend as the eponymous founder and first king of Britain; he is not mentioned in any classical text and is not considered to be historical)
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    • 1987-03-16: new
    • 2012-07-17: revised
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