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Dhungutti (Australian people)

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  • Variants

    • Boorkutti (Australian peolple)
    • Burgadi (Australian people)
    • Daingatti (Australian people)
    • Dainggati (Australian people)
    • Dang-getti (Australian people)
    • Dangadi (Australian people)
    • Dangati (Australian people)
    • Danggetti (Australian people)
    • Danghetti (Australian people)
    • Dhan-gadi (Australian people)
    • Dhangadi (Australian people)
    • Dhangatty (Australian people)
    • Dhanggatti (Australian people)
    • Dhunghutti (Australian people)
    • Djaingadi (Australian people)
    • Dunghutti (Australian people)
    • Dyangadi (Australian people)
    • Ghangatty (Australian people)
    • Tangetti (Australian people)
    • Thangatti (Australian people)
    • Thangatty (Australian people)
    • Thungutti (Australian people)
    • Yunggai (Australian people)
    • Yuungai (Australian people)
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  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Dangadi (Australian people)
  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Morris, B. Dependency and domestication ... 1988.
    • found: Ethnologue:p. 355 (Daingatti (Dangadi, Thangatti, Thangatty, Tanzetti, Burgadi, Bookuti))
    • found: Tindale, N.B. Aboriginal tribes of Australia, 1974(Dainggati: alternate names: Boorkutti; Djaingadi; Dang-getti; Danghetti; Danggadi; Dhangatty; Thangatti; Thangatty; Dangati; Dangadi; Yuungai; Yunggai; Tangetti)
    • found: Oates, W.J. A revised linguistic survey of Australia, 1970:(Dainggati: alternate names: Boorkutti; Burgadi; Dangadi; Dangati; Danggadi; Danggetti; Dhangatty; Tangetti; Thangatti)
    • found: Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) thesaurus(Daingatti: alternate names: Dunghutti; Thungutti)
    • found: Ethnologue online, Sept. 17, 2003(Dyangadi: alternate names: Dainggati; Burgadi; Dangadi; Dangati; Danggadi; Danggetti; Ghangatty; Tangetti; Thangatti)
    • found: Ruhlen world lang.(Dyangadi)
    • found: Encyclopaedia of Aboriginal Australia online, Sept. 17, 2003(Dainggatti)
    • found: AIATSIS online, July 29, 2003:(Dhungutti; Dangadi; Dangati; Dhan-gadi; Dhanggatti; Dangati; Dhangadi; Dainggati; Dhunghutti; Danghetti; Burgadi; Thangatti; Thungutti)
    • found: Phone call from Robyn Bancroft, a Dhungutti tribes person, Aug. 19, 2003(preferred spelling is Dhungutti)
    • notfound: Murdock world cult.;Voegelin lang.;Herrmann, T. Volkerkunde Australiens, 1967
  • LC Classification

    • DU125.D5
  • Change Notes

    • 2003-09-05: new
    • 2007-06-22: revised
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