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us: Wildlife reintroduction

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  • Variants

    • us: Animal re-introduction
    • us: Animal reintroduction
    • us: Animals--Reintroduction
    • us: Re-establishment of wildlife
    • us: Re-introduction of wildlife
    • us: Reestablishment of wildlife
    • us: Reintroduction of wildlife
    • us: Restoration of wildlife
    • us: Rewilding (Wildlife reintroduction)
    • us: Wildlife re-establishment
    • us: Wildlife re-introduction
    • us: Wildlife reestablishment
    • us: Wildlife restoration
  • Broader Terms

    • us: Animal introduction
    • us: Wildlife conservation
  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Beyond captive breeding : re-introducing endangered mammals to the wild, 1991 (re-introduction)
    • found: LC database, Apr. 3, 2007 (Wolf reintroduction; osprey reintroduction; wildlife restoration)
    • found: Conf. on the Breeding of Endangered Species, Jersey, 1972. Breeding endangered species in captivity, 1975: index (reintroduction to the wild)
    • found: Bennett, L.E. Colorado gray wolf recovery, 1994.
    • found: Petersen, D. Ghost grizzlies, 1995.
    • found: Heath, D.J. Justification and feasibility analysis for freshwater mussel reestablishment upstream of the Prairie du Sac dam ... 1995: t.p. (feasibility of reintroducing freshwater mussels upstream of the dam; reintroduction of adult mussels)
    • found: LC database, Feb. 14, 2005 (Animal re-introductions)
    • found: Wikipedia, Mar. 25, 2009 ("Rewilding: In the field of conservation biology, the term rewilding refers to passive and active activities intended to result in the reintroduction of extirpated or once-native species back into natural landscapes. Rewilding is the rehabilitation process of captive animals which assists them to regain their survival instincts before being reintroduced back into the wild.")
    • found: Wiktionary, Mar. 25, 2009 ("Rewild: To return an area to a more wild state, especially to repopulate it with wild animals.")
    • notfound: Hennepin;IAC
  • LC Classification

    • QL83.4
  • Editorial Notes

    • subdivision [Reintroduction] under individual animals and groups of animals, e.g. [Fishes--Reintroduction]
  • Change Notes

    • 2005-02-14: new
    • 2009-04-22: revised
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