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Manila clam

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  • Variants

    • Butterfish clam
    • Carpet shell, Japanese
    • Carpetshell, Japanese
    • Japanese Carpet shell
    • Japanese Carpetshell
    • Japanese clam
    • Japanese littleneck clam
    • Littleneck clam, Japanese
    • Manilla clam
    • Ruditapes philippinarum
    • Tapes japonica
    • Tapes philippinarum
    • Tapes semidecussata
    • Venerupis japonica
    • Venerupis philippinarum
    • Venerupis semidecussata
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Toba, D.R. Guide to Manila clam culture in Washington, 1992(Venerupis japonica; Manila clam; Japanese littleneck clam)
    • found: Hastings, L.B. Index to the taxonomic names in Edwin A. Joyce, Jr., 1972, A partial bibliography of oysters, with annotations, 1976:p. 25 (Venerupis japonica)
    • found: Clam mariculture in North America, 1989:p. 7 ("Only one clam, the Japanese littleneck or Manila clam, is relatively ubiquitous in its value as a commercial species. Although listed as separate species in Table 1.1, Tapes semidecussata, V. semidecussata, and V. japonica, are most probably the same organism. As such, it is landed commercially in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. In Europe, it is primarily cultured and known alternatively as "palourde" in France and "butterfish" in the United Kingdom. In Japan, the Korean Republic and Taiwan, it is known as the Japanese littleneck and in the Unitd States and Canada's Pacific Northwest, it is known as the Manila clam.") p. 243 (appeared also in literature as Tapes japonica, T. philippinarum, Venerupis philippinarum)
    • found: Goodwin, C.L. Distribution and abundance of subtidal hard-shell clams in Puget Sound, Washington, 1973:p. 12 (Manila (Tapes semidecussata))
    • found: Oceans Alive WWW site, Mar. 6, 2006(Manila Clam (Ruditapes philippinarum))
    • found: Guide to ocean friendly seafood WWW site, Mar. 6, 2006(Manila clam, tapes philippinarum, venerupis philippinarum; sometimes known as: Japanese Carpet Shell, Japanese Clam or Japanese Littleneck clam)
    • found: Tapes philippinarum, c1990:p. 84 (Manila clam) p. 152 (Manilla clam)
    • notfound: Pratt common invert.;Hyman, L.H. The invertebrates;Barnes invert. zoo.;Web. 3;Syn. liv. org.
  • LC Classification

    • QL430.7.V5
  • Change Notes

    • 1992-05-01: new
    • 2012-03-30: revised
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