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M81 (Galaxy)

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    • Galaxy M81
    • M 81 (Galaxy)
    • Messier 81 (Galaxy)
    • NGC 3031 (Galaxy)
    • NGC3031 (Galaxy)
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    • found: Work cat.: The Extragalactic Distance Scale Key Project. I, The Discovery of Cepheids and a new distance to M81 using the Hubble Space Telescope, 1993("Here we report our first observations including the discovery of 30 Cepheids (and the recovery of one known Cepheid) in the nearby galaxy M81 ... M81 was chosen as a target galaxy because of its proximity ...")
    • found: Henbest, N. The new astronomy, 1983:p. 184 ("M81, the dominant member of its small group, is a beautiful spiral galaxy similar to our Milky Way")
    • found: Jones, B. The practical astronomer, 1990:p. 60 ("Located just a little farther away from us is the Ursa Major-Camelopardalis Group, the dozen or so members of which are concentrated around the magnificent spiral galaxy M81 and the unusually shaped M82, both of which were discovered by Johann Bode in 1774.") p. 155 (Catalogue of Astronomical Objects, The Messier Catalogue: M#=81; NGC=3031; RA: hr=09, min=55.6; Decl.=+69 04; Constellation=Ursa Major; Type of Object=Spiral galaxy)
    • found: The Cambridge atlas of astronomy, 1985:p. 345 ("In the last few years, detailed studies of M82 have shown, more prosaically, that its structure is the result of a very strong interaction with the neighbouring spiral galaxy M81.")
    • found: Guiness book of astronomy.
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    • [This heading is not valid for use as a geographic subdivision.]
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    • 1993-11-06: new
    • 1999-11-29: revised
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