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us: Punctuated equilibrium (Evolution)

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    • us: Equilibrium, Punctuated (Evolution)
    • us: Punctuated equilibria (Evolution)
    • us: Punctuationalism (Evolution)
  • Broader Terms

    • us: Evolution (Biology)
  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: The dynamics of evolution : the punctuated equilibrium debate in the natural and social sciences, 1992 (punctuated equilibrium, punctuated equilibria, punctuational model of evolution, punctuationism, punctuationist theory)
    • found: Random House (punctuated equilibrium; punctuationalism)
    • found: Eldredge, N. Time frames : the rethinking of Darwinian evolution and the theory of punctuated equilibria, 1985.
    • found: Ox. dict. natural hist., 1985 (punctuated equilibrium: "Comparatively recent theory of macro-evolution which stands in opposition to the classical interpretation of phyletic gradualism ... According to this view, most lineages are characterized by stasis for the greater part of their existence, the key changes being compressed into geologically very short periods of time.")
    • found: Encyc. human evolution and prehistory, 1988: t.p. ("The theory of punctuated equilibria represents an application of speciation theory to the fossil record and is based on the observation, known to Darwin and contemporary paleontologists, that most species exhibit little or no change throughout the vast bulk of their histories. Thus adaptive change, rather than being continual, gradual, and progressive, is actually a rare event--and considered, under punctuated equilibria, to occur generally during speciation--when new reproductive communities form from old ones.")
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    • QH398
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    • 1993-12-14: new
    • 2007-02-03: revised
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