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Mata Atlântica

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    • Atlantic Forest
    • Atlântica, Mata
    • Mata Atlântica (Brazil)
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    • Mata Atlântica (Brazil)
  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: 93831968: Dossiê Mata Atlântica, 1992, 1992:p. 11, map (in 1500 Mata Atlântic covered Atlantic coast of Brazil from Rio Gr. do Norte to Rio Gr. do Sul; in 1990 from southern Bahia to Sta. Catarina)
    • found: Americana:v. 4, p. 456 ([Brazil] The forests are classified in four major types: selva, mata, araucaria, and caatinga. More significant for agriculture is the tropical, semideciduous mata of the eastern part of the country.)
    • found: Collier's:v. 4, p. 487 (Mata or Semideciduous Forest. A tropical to subtropical semideciduous forest known as the mata covers the eastern parts of Brazilian Highlands, where rainfall is less than that required for the selva.)
    • found: Merit Students encyc.:v. 3, p. 390 (Some wetter sections of the Brazilian Highlands are covered by subtropical forests, or mata.)
    • found: Nôvo Michaelis dic. ilus. Português Inglês(3 (Braz.) geographical zone of the northeast.)
    • found: Web. 3(matto also matta or mata ... dense tropical Am. forest)
    • found: LC database, Oct. 21, 1994:(Mata Atlântica, SOS Mata Atlântica (Organization), Mata atlântica = Atlantic forest)
    • found: 2016059155: Foster, Mercedes S. The annual cycle and natural history of a subtropical, Atlantic-Forest Avifauna in Paraguay, 2017:ECIP title page (Atlantic Forest) Abstract (Atlantic Forest...Paraguay) Introduction (Atlantic Forest Biome of South America)
    • found: Critical ecosystem partnership fund website, December 23, 2016:Home>Resources>Hotspots>South America>Atlantic Forest (Atlantic Forest of tropical South America; the Atlantic Forest or Mata Atlântica stretches along Brazil's Atlantic coast, from the northern state of Rio Grande do Norte, and extends inland to eastern Paraguay and the province of Misiones in northeastern Argentina and narrowly along the coast into Uruguay)
    • found: LC catalog, 2003001903 December 23, 2016:Publisher description for The Atlantic Forest of South America (The Atlantic Forest of Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina is one of the most devastated and most highly threatened ecosystem on the planet)
    • notfound: GNS, Dec. 23, 2016;Col. Lip. Gaz.
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    • 1994-10-21: new
    • 2017-03-06: revised
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