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us: Learning strategies

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    • us: Strategies, Learning
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    • found: Work cat.: Park, S. Cognitive psychology in education : some implications of learning strategies ... 1993: p. 11 ("activities and strategies that influence the process of knowledge acquisition")
    • found: ERIC thes. (rules, principles and procedures used to facilitate learning)
    • found: Good. dict. educ. (rules, principles and procedures acquired in learning, often discovered by the learner himself and applicable in other learnings)
    • found: Encyc. of psychology, 1994 (methods people use to learn and retain information)
    • found: Encyc. of educational research, 1992: v. 2, p. 702 (use of cognitive procedures for generating relations across bodies of information and between new information and memory)
    • found: Nisbet, J.D. Learning strategies, c1986: introd., p. vii (Learning to learn involves learning strategies like planning ahead, monitoring own performance, checking, estimating, revision, and self-testing) p. 24 (... strategies are the processes that underlie performance on thinking tasks) p. 26 (Strategies seem to represent higher-order skills which control and regulate the more task-specific or more practical skills) p. 28 (example: asking questions, planning, monitoring, checking, revising, self-testing)
    • found: Learning strategies and learning styles, c1988: p. 3 (learning can be ... experiential, behavioral, [or] neurological) p. 5 (a learning strategy is a sequence of procedures for accomplishing learning and specific procedures within sequence are called learning tactics) p. 17 (Learning strategies are combinations of cognitive (thinking) skills implemented when a situation is perceived as one demanding learning) p. 291 (any behaviors or thoughts that facilitate encoding in such a way that knowledge integration and retrieval are enhanced; examples: actively rehearsing, summarizing, paraphasing, imagining, elaborating, and outlining)
    • found: Work cat.: Amorós Teijeiro, M.E. Estrategias de aprendizaje en estudiantes del INTEC, 2015 t.p. ([cataloger's translation] Learning strategies in students at INTEC)
    • notfound: Intl. dict. educ.;Facts on File dict. of education
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    • LB1066
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    • 1995-01-27: new
    • 2017-04-14: revised
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