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Vernal pools

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  • Variants

    • Ephemeral ponds
    • Ephemeral wetlands
    • Hog wallows
    • Hogwallows
    • Seasonal ponds
    • Seasonal wetlands
    • Temporary ponds
    • Temporary wetlands
    • Vernal ponds
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Olson, M. Vernal pools of northern Santa Barbara County, California, 1992.
    • found: Acad. Press dict. sci. tech., 1992(vernal pool: ecology, a temporary pool of water formed during a spring thaw)
    • found: Zedler, P.H. The ecology of southern California vernal pools, 1987.
    • found: Schoenherr, A.A. A natural history of California, 1992:p. 395-396 ("The temporary ponds that occur in areas with poor drainage are known as vernal pools or hogwallows ... These pools are formed by runoff during winter rains, but the water does not percolate into the clay soil. Rather, it remains standing to form pools of various sizes, which gradually disappear by evaporation in the spring.")
    • found: Web. 3(hog wallow)
    • found: Johnson, P. Ephemeral wetlands and their turfs in New Zealand, c2003:abstr. (ephemeral wetlands; occurring mainly in surface depressions which have a marked seasonal alteration between being ponded during wet seasons but dry at other times) p. 6 (not all wetlands are permanently wet; ephemeral wetlands are a distinctive wetland class; typically found in closed depressions lacking a surface outlet, in climates where seasonal variation in rainfall and evaporation encourages ponding in winter and spring, yet partial or complete drying in summer months or in dry years)
    • found: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 5 Water web site, Dec. 22, 2003:local water topics/ephemeral wetlands (Ephemeral Wetlands may also be referred to as ephemeral ponds, seasonal ponds, temporary ponds or vernal pools. Ephemeral Wetlands are depressional wetlands that temporarily hold water in the spring and early summer or after heavy rains. Periodically, these wetlands dry up, often in mid to late summer. They are isolated without a permanent inlet or outlet, but may overflow in times of high water.)
    • found: Biebighauser, T.R. A guide to creating vernal ponds, 2002 or 2003, via WWW (PDF), Dec. 22, 2003:p. 3 (Vernal ponds are known by many names and vary in definition. In some locations their name denotes the relationship to the vernal or spring equinox. In areas where the seasons are less pronounced, many refer to them as ephemeral, seasonal, or temporary wetlands. Regardless of the name, the defining characteristics are that they periodically dry up and do not contain fish.)
    • notfound: Gloss. of hydrology, 1992;GeoRef thes.
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    • 2003-12-22: new
    • 2004-02-06: revised
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