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Colobine monkeys

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    • Colobid monkeys
    • Colobidae
    • Colobinae
    • Colobines
    • Presbytinae
    • Semnopithecinae
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Colobine monkeys, 1994:p. 1 ("the monkeys of Africa and Asia (the 'Old World monkeys') are usually regarded as belonging to one family, the Cercopithecidae, made up of two subfamilies, the Colobinae and the Cercopithecinae ... the Colobinae include at least 30 species, which can be grouped into 4-9 genera ... A diagnostic feature of the colobines, and one that has the most profound influence on their ecology, is their stomach morphology. The stomach is large and multi-chambered ... in contrast, the cercopithecines have simple stomachs.") p. 46 (genera of living colobines: Colobus, Procolobus, Pygathrix, Nasalis, Simias, Presbytis, Trachypithecus, Semnopithecus)
    • found: Mammal species of the world, 2003 via WWW, May 15, 2003(Subfamily Colobinae, common name: leaf-monkeys, colobid monkeys, original name: Presbytinae)
    • found: Mammal species of the world, 1993:p. 269 (family Cercopithecidae, subfamily Colobinae. Synonyms: Presbytinae, Semnopithecinae. Separated provisionally as a full family (Colobidae) by Groves (1989). Includes genera Colobus, Nasalis, Presbytis, Procolobus, Pygathrix, Semnopithecus, Trachypithecus)
    • found: Napier, J.R. The natural history of the primates, 1985:p. 147 (Colobines, Colobinae; includes genera Colobus, Procolobus, Presbytis, Pygathrix, Rhinopithecus, Nasalis, Simias)
    • found: Fleagle, J.G. Primate adaptations & evolution, 1988:pp. 161-163 ("Cercopithecoid monkeys are found throughout Africa and Asia ... There are two very different groups of Old World monkey: the cercopithecines, or cheek-pouch monkeys, and the colobines, or leaf-eating monkeys") p. 180 ("There are two major groups of colobine monkeys, the colobus monkeys of Africa and the langurs of Asia.")
    • found: Roonwal, M.L. Primates of South Asia, c1977:p. 63 ("The family Cercopithecidae is divided into two subfamilies, the Cercopithecinae (macaques) and the Colobinae (langurs or leaf monkeys). Some authorities raise the Colobinae to a family rank, Colobidae.")
    • found: The encyc. of mammals, 1984:p. 398 (subfamily Colobinae, family Cercopithecidae; colobines)
    • found: Walker mamm. world:v. 1, p. 407 (Colobinae, including genera Presbytis, Pygathrix, Nasalis, and Colobus)
    • notfound: Web. 3
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    • QL737.P93
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    • 2003-05-15: new
    • 2003-06-25: revised
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