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Sexual dominance and submission

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    • D & S (Sexual behavior)
    • D and S (Sexual behavior)
    • D/s (Sexual behavior)
    • Dominance and submission (Sexual behavior)
    • Domination and submission (Sexual behavior)
    • Sexual domination and submission
    • Submission and dominance (Sexual behavior)
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Mondosex, c1995.
    • found: Psychinfo Online, Feb. 23, 1996(Dominance and submission)
    • found: A desc. dict. and atlas of sexology, 1991:p. 556 (dominant and submissive roles as part of a sexual scenario)
    • found: S & M : studies in dominance & submission, 1995:p. 16 (R. von Krafft-Ebing recognizes the centrality of the nonphysical dominance and submission to sadomasochistic relationships) p. 19 (at the core of sadomasochism (pain) is the idea of control--dominance and submission) p. 20 (Paul Gebhard's works illustrate the complexity of sadomasochism and defines it as a sexual lifestyle, to which dominance and submission are central)
    • found: LC database, Feb. 26, 1996(Sexual dominance and submission; erotic dominance and submission; dominance and submission)
    • found: Deviants' dictionary, via WWW, Aug. 22, 2000(DS, Sometimes D/S, D/s or D&S. Domination and Submission; domination: Alternatively, dominance (a form sometimes preferred in the US). The practise of taking the dominant role in a scene, running the scene, controlling the bottom's behaviour, perhaps simply as role play or humiliation or perhaps reinforced by the threat or the actual use of intense or painful physical activities directed at the bottom, and/or by restriction, bondage and physical control ... The complimentary term for the bottom is submission ... The overarching term for games involving domination is domination and submission (dom-sub, DS, D/S, D/s or D&S))
    • found: The Castle Realm D/s Resource Center, via WWW, Aug. 22, 2000.
    • found: D/s Web Center, Aug. 22, 2000(focuses on the alternative lifestyle known as D/s, Domination and submission)
  • LC Classification

    • HQ79
  • Change Notes

    • 2000-08-21: new
    • 2011-02-05: revised
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