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Intelligent agents (Computer software)

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    • Agents, Autonomous (Computer software)
    • Agents, Cognitive (Computer software)
    • Agents, Intelligent (Computer software)
    • Assistants, Cognitive (Computer software)
    • Assistants, Intelligent software
    • Autonomous agents (Computer software)
    • Cognitive agents (Computer software)
    • Cognitive assistants (Computer software)
    • IAs (Computer software)
    • Intelligent agent software
    • Intelligent software agents
    • Intelligent software assistants
    • Software agents (Computer software)
    • Special agents (Computer software)
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    • found: Work cat.: 97-1553: Software agents, 1997(software agent: a software entity which functions continuously and autonomously in a particular environment, often inhabited by other agents and processes. The requirement for continuity and autonomy derives from our desire that an agent be able to carry out activities in a flexible and intelligent manner that is responsive to changes in the environment without requiring constant human guidance or intervention)
    • found: ASTI:under Intelligent systems.
    • found: Computer select, Nov. 1996(Intelligent-agents software)
    • found: New scientist, 9 Apr. 1994:p. 19-20 (Software's special agents)
    • found: LC database, Jan. 14, 1997(intelligent agents)
    • found: MAGS file, Jan. 15, 1997(titles: intelligent agents; subject: Intelligent agent)
    • found: Hermans, B. Intelligent software agents on the Internet, 1996.
    • found: International Conference on Autonomous Agents. Proceedings ... c1997.
    • found: Wikipedia, May 8, 2012(An intelligent software assistant, also called an intelligent software agent, cognitive assistant or cognitive agent, is a software agent that is also an intelligent agent which performs a task with minimum specific directions from users. It evolves from the concept of virtual personal assistant, a cognitive assistant that learns and organizes. Intelligent software assistant combines traditionally isolated approaches to artificial intelligence to try to create a personal-assistant program that improves by interacting with its user.)
    • found: Garrido, P. Adding semantic Web knowledge to intelligent personal assistant agents, 2010?, via WWW, viewed May 8, 2012:p. 1 (Intelligent Agents (IAs) are autonomous entities provided with an initial knowledge and with the capability of learning to achieve their goals. The functionality of IAs covers several attributes, including autonomy, continuity, adaptability, goal orientation, communication, and learning ability which gives intelligence to the agent. By learning, it becomes able to adapt itself to its dynamic environment, reducing work and information overload. The software agents approach is a key area in the field of Artificial Intelligence research.)
    • notfound: Encyc. computer sci.;McGraw-Hill encyc. of electronics & computer sci.;NASA
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    • QA76.76.I58
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    • 1997-01-14: new
    • 2012-07-31: revised
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