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us: Bouquets

  • Here entered works on large formal bunches of flowers. Works on small informal bunches of flowers are entered under [Posies.]
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: 93-194991: Hillier, M. Posies & bouquets, 1992 (The difference between posies and bouquets lies in their size. Posies are smaller bunches of flowers than bouquets, whereas bouquets are larger and generally more lavish.)
    • found: The herbarist: no. 63, p. 64 (Bouquets (sometimes called handsprays) are decidedly large and full of flowers, either mixed or all of one kind. They often contain very little foliage and are always carried in the hands or on the arm. Bouquets are mostly made by florists, the flowers expertly wired and picked and fastened together in elaborate styles. Bouquets are not always round and may be made in cascade, crescent, shower or spray shapes. Sometimes bouquets involve the use of long-stemmed flowers but, when garden flowers are combined into bouquets and vases are added, these bouquets become flower arrangements.)
    • found: Web. 3 (bouquet 1a: flowers picked and fastened together in a bunch : nosegay)
    • found: Random House (bouquet 1. a bunch of flowers; nosegay)
    • found: Arranging cut flowers, 1985 (index: bouquets)
    • found: LC database, June 23, 1997: (bouquets)
    • found: Constance Spry's encyc. of flower arranging, 1972: p. 19 (Bouquets. A bouquet is simpy a bunch of flowers, and it is the way in which it is presented that gives it a special quality. Really a bouquet can be of two kinds: an informal one where the flowers are just tied together to make a very pretty bunch or, if made of short-stemmed flowers, it could really be called a posy. In this latter instance the flowers are in no way wired so it is made up of just natural-stemmed materials. If given as a presentation bouquet, it can easily be untied and placed in water ... The formal bouquet can be of many shapes and sizes.)
  • LC Classification

    • SB449.5.B
  • General Notes

    • Here entered works on large formal bunches of flowers. Works on small informal bunches of flowers are entered under [Posies.]
  • Example Notes

    • Note under [Posies]
  • Change Notes

    • 1997-06-23: new
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