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us: Techno music

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  • Variants

    • us: Detroit techno (Music)
  • Broader Terms

    • us: Underground dance music
  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: 98014754: Reynolds, S. Generation ecstasy : into the world of techno and rave culture, 1998 (techno music; style of popular dance music performed at rave parties; produced by computers and sampling technology)
    • found: Techno style, 1995: p. 9 (The development of the music which has been known as techno since the mid-eighties is linked to the availability of the technology necessary for its production) p. 120 (Techno is party music, techno is party culture, and partying is the be-all and end-all of techno)
    • found: Wicke, P. Handbuch der populären Musik, c1997 (techno: variant of house music, originating in Detroit at end of 1980s; replaced original Afro-American and Latin-American roots of house by drawing upon synthetic sound concepts of new wave as well as minimalist aesthetic of the German electronic band Kraftwerk; developed from this a dance music which was decidedly mechanical, pounding like a machine, highly technologized, digitally produced; term first used in title of album issued in London by Virgin Records in 1988; at beginning of 1990s, took discotheques practically by storm, especially in metropolises of North America and Europe; in the process, split into subcategories (ambient, breakbeat, gabber, goa, hardcore techno, jungle, tekkno, trance, tribal); meanwhile, original form also trades under the name Detroit techno; the term "techno-pop" appears as cross-ref. to "synthi-pop," a style which came on the scene in Great Britain in 1982)
    • found: DanceGrooves WWW site, 04-18-00 (online record store specializing in all kinds of underground dance music: includes techno)
    • found: WWW site, Apr. 18, 2000 (supplier of quality underground dance music: includes techno)
  • LC Classification

    • ML3540
  • Change Notes

    • 2000-04-18: new
    • 2000-05-26: revised
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