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Lightning rods

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    • Air terminals (Lightning rods)
    • Rods, Lightning
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: 98143584: Barnes, R. The lightning rod collectibles price guide, 1997.
    • found: American heritage dict.(lightning rod; rod, def. 1e: a lightning rod)
    • found: Building design and construction handbook, 1982:p. 3-49 ("The key element in diverting lightning away from a building is an air terminal or lightning rod, a conductor that projects into the air at least 12 in above the roof...Alternatively, a continuous wire conductor or a grid of such conductors may be placed along the highest points of a roof.")
    • found: Means illus. construction dict.(lightning conductor, lightning rod: a cable or rod built of metal that protects a building from lightning by providing a direct link to ground)
    • found: Olin, H. Construction: principles, materials & methods, 1990:p. 606-22 ("A lightning protection system includes: (1) air terminals (lightning rods), (2) main conductors, (3) branch conductors, (4) lightning arrestors, and (5) ground connections")
    • found: Putnam, R. Architectural and building trades dict., 1982(lightning rod: one of a system of metal rods extending from above the highest point of a building to the ground, thus protecting the building from damage by lightning. Also called lightning conductor.)
    • found: Putnam, R. Builder's comprehensive dict., 1989(lightning rod: metal conductor placed on the high point of a building to receive lightning and thus protect the building. The conductor runs to ground.)
    • found: Random House(lightning rod: a rodlike conductor installed to divert lightning away from a structure...)
    • found: Stein, J. Construction glossary, 1993(lightning conductor: conductor designed to carry the current of a lightning discharge from a lightning rod to ground; lightning rod: metallic rod installed on an exposed elevation or roof of a structure...)
    • found: Traister, J. Illus. dict for building construction, 1993(air terminal: a metal rod and its brace or footing on the roof of a building for lightning protection)
    • found: Web. 3(lightning conductor: a conductor leading from a lightning rod to the ground; lightning rod: a metallic rod set up on a building or mast and connected with the moist earth or ware below to diminish the chances of destructive effect by lightning)
  • LC Classification

    • NK8459.L54
  • Change Notes

    • 2004-06-21: new
    • 2004-07-22: revised
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